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Do you ever hear yourself saying I just need more willpower? When we try to rely on willpower it never works for the long term. It will only be short-lived if you’re WHY is not strong enough. If you know in your soul that this is what you want, then you have a strong WHY and then you will not need willpower. There is no discussion about trying to resist the urge to eat, you just won’t do it.


This was something I struggled with for so many years. I could easily start a diet but then fall off the bandwagon, beating myself up for not having enough willpower to continue. What I realized is that my WHY that was, “I want to lose 100 lbs”. was only based on my wanting to just be skinny. That was not enough for me to be persistent in doing what I needed to do each and every day. When I hit my rock bottom, when my physical health was terrible, my mental health was falling apart that was when my WHY became strong. I made the choice that my why became “I don’t want to live like this anymore. I want to be the mother I always dreamed of for my kids and I can’t do it this way anymore”. That was when I knew I didn’t need willpower anymore. That WHY got me through all the social outings, the family events and even all the holidays.


Trying to use willpower is us “white-knuckling” it and that gets depleted quick and fast. This is us trying to fight against that desire that is there. We are trying to resist it, we feel terrible and deprived. Our brains just want it to end but that never happens and then we feel worse for not having the willpower to resist it. It is at this point you give in and eat.


If you are resisting and trying to talk yourself out of having it or justifying to yourself why you should have it, this will only lead to you having it. This craziness only makes the problem worse which is exactly the opposite of what we are wanting. Just let go of using willpower and dig really deep on what you’re WHY is to you. 

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