Are you eating your emotions away?

Are you struggling to feel better?

So many of us are eating because we are feeling something we don’t want to feel.

So to feel better, you have to start with letting go of wanting and trying to make that uncomfortable feeling to go away.

Let’s start with being with that feeling because you can’t have a feeling of anger, stress, sadness, frustration or even boredom and then magically go to happy.

That’s why we are suffering and turning to food; we don’t like the feeling we have and are using food to cover it up.

We have a habit of turning to food to feel better; that’s it!

So how do we get to feeling better? To happy?

We get to a better feeling by learning how to be with the feeling that we have going on right now in that present moment.

We also have to be aware that life is 50% negative and 50% positive feelings.

We can’t have positive feelings if we don’t know negative feelings.

It is us thinking that negative feelings are wrong or bad or just that we don’t like them that is causing the problem.

I know this was something that I didn’t understand for a very long time.

I grew up that when I was upset, hurt, angry, everything was done to get me to stop crying.

My mother tried to make it better; she wanted so desperately to have me feeling better.

I was taught to brush negative feelings away.

I had no idea how to deal with those feelings when they did come up, and I believed we shouldn’t allow them to be there.

One of my mom’s ways to make it better for me was to soothe my feelings with food.

So no wonder when there was no one else around to help me feel better, I turned to food to make it better.

I remember a time coming home crying because I was bullied for being the “fat” kid. I was encouraged not to cry, to not think about it, to let it go, not to let it get to me. Crying and expressing feelings was something we did not do, so food was the solution.

I grew up thinking I was supposed to be happy all the time, that those negative feelings were not good. That there was something wrong with me if I didn’t stop having negative emotions.

So that’s what sets us up. We haven’t allowed ourselves to be with the feelings that we are having.

So how do we feel better?

We feel better by allowing ourselves to experience what we are feeling, letting those negative feelings be there.

Feel where it is in your body.

Feel, is it heavy?

Is it dark?

Is it sharp?

Whatever it is, start with being with that feeling instead of turning to food to try to make it go away.

And remember that no feeling will ever harm you because it is just a vibration in your body.

Yes, this will take practice, and yes, it might feel uncomfortable but isn’t overeating and then feeling regret for overeating worse!

You are worth it. Hugs!


Certified Weight and Confidence Coach


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