Who do you want to be?

Who do you want to be?’
Did you know that you can be anything you want to be and that can relate to you losing weight?

If you are always focusing on who you do not want to be that is what you will continue to get- you will stay this person.

Are you that person telling yourself:
“I am such a failure.

“I will never be able to lose this weight because I have never been able to before.”

“I am so fat.”

So what if instead, you focused your thoughts on who you do want to be. By doing this, you can then decide what it is you can do today to get you to who you want to be in the future.

Decide do you want to think more about what you want then what you don’t want which is what you have right now.

Make a decision and commit to it, go all in on it because you are only one decision away from getting what you want. Keep moving forward because each choice is just one small step to you losing the weight and keeping it off for good.

With each decision you make you will get quicker at making them. There is no right or wrong because any decision will move you forward. It may be that you learn from it and then change what didn’t work or it moves you forward right away.

If you stay in indecision, there is no movement what so ever and that is when you feel stuck, that is when you stay right where you are at. You don’t allow yourself to be that person who loses the weight permanently.

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