When your feeling fat

Have you ever had one of those days were you feel fat? Or maybe it is not just one day!

I know for me I had many of those days before I lost 100 pounds. I had them daily, but ten years later, those feeling fat days don’t happen very often, but yesterday I had one of them!

I was heading out to a networking meeting and took out a pair of pants that I had not worn in a while. Well, I pulled them on, and they were snug. I was able to do them up, but I had a bit of a muffin top going on.

The thing is I am not surprised, I had spent the last two months sitting for long periods working, so by the end of the day an old habit snuck back in, and that was snacking in the evenings. Yeah, the snacks were healthy, but with my body not getting a lot of movement, I didn’t need that extra food.

What I was doing was buffering. I was turning to those snacks as a way of feeling better because I was tired and drained. I had a thought of “I deserve it.”

Eating when I am tired and drained is the one place where I have to be fully present still and be asking myself, “am I physically hungry or emotionally hungry,” and I wasn’t doing that. I just ate.

So having that bit of a muffin top going on had me feeling “fat,” but I want you to know that I felt fat not because my pants were a little tight but because of the thought I was having about my pants being tight.

Yup, that fat feeling came from my thoughts. My thoughts at that moment were, “I can’t believe I did that to myself!” and the big one was, “What are my clients going to think about me!”  So with those thoughts, no wonder I was feeling frustrated, disappointed and a little embarrassed.

In my past, when I was feeling fat, I would have continued with the overeating, now I sit with the feelings that are there, I let them be there.  I know now that I don’t have to feel fat, I could choose whatever I wanted to feel,  I became curious about what thoughts I could think that would have me feeling different.

The thing is, what is the point of feeling fat? Is it going to change anything at that moment, NOPE! All it does is make us feel even worse, and when we feel worse, there is no way that we will do the things that will help us to lose weight.

So I came up with the thought, “I’m not perfect.” When I had that thought, I had a feeling of compassion with myself. I was able to see that I learned my body needs movement, and I also needed to look after myself better. I needed to do some self-care, precisely what I tell my clients they have to do. It was time to get back to walking the talk!

So if you are feeling fat, what is one thought that is just a little better than what you are having now? If you find yourself struggling with finding that new thought, reach out and click the link here to schedule a no cost Break free call with me. On the call, I will help you to end the fat feeling so that you can move forward with losing weight.

You are worth it,


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