What’s your weight loss story?

What’s your weight loss story?

Everyone has a story they tell themselves about themselves and their life.

What is your story?

Let’s first start with what a story consists of. There is a Title, a beginning, a middle and an end/conclusion to a story. The conclusion of your story is what you see yourself to be; it is the way you end up living your life by.

I want to share with you my old story. The title of my story used to be, “I’m fat, and I will never lose the weight” and “I love food too much, so I will never be thin.” This sad story was something I believed to be true, and because I believed it to be true, I continued to struggle decade after decade. 

My story went something like this; From a very young age, I was overweight and thought that I would never be thin because how could I, I was ‘big-boned” and “I loved food.” 

Some of the chapters in the book were about how I was bullied in school and felt like my weight was unacceptable. I felt so ugly, depressed and fat. I felt like such a failure that with all the multitude of ways I tried to lose weight (diet programs, fad diets, pills, shakes, exercise programs, and so much more), I never lost the weight or kept it off. I was obsessed with losing weight and being thin and that I could never be happy unless I were thin. 

I told myself that to be thin; I would have to live a life of restriction, deprivation and pain because I loved food too much. It was also about my strong desire to be thin because if I wasn’t thin, then I didn’t matter very much. 

This was the sad story I lived with for 30 years until I realized that I didn’t have to live by this story anymore. I learned that you could change your story because you can change your thoughts, and in doing this, you change your life.

Did you know that your story can be whatever you decide you want it to be?

You may think you have no choice, but you do. You can decide to change the title and the contents of what you think about yourself, your life and your story! 

What….. yes, no matter what has happened in your life, no matter the mistakes or efforts or circumstances of your past or what you think about yourself, your story can be anything you decide to write about you.

You can tell your story based on your future, which is an entirely blank slate, instead of telling it as an interpretation of your past.

Start writing your new story, the one that gives you the conclusion you want for your life. Pick a new title and a new hero journey that is about the you that you want to be. 

There are no limits to who you want to be. You don’t have to consider what others think or say about you. You don’t have to consider your past or your abilities. You pick your new story-based simply on desire true possibility. 

When you have written your new story, you then go to work on believing it and practicing it. The power of the mind is magic. When you start thinking about yourself in this new way, then that is when everything will change for you. 

You are worth having a new story for your life! Take your time and enjoy the process. Please reach out to me if you want my support in writing with your new story. I would love to help you. You can book a Free Strategy call here where I will help you write your new story that will have the conclusion of you losing weight for the last time! 



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