What is stopping you from losing weight? It isn’t what you think

How many times have you tried to lose weight only to give up? Most of us who have done way too many diets have a fear of failing yet again? 

What you don’t realize is that fear of failure affects you. That thought will sabotage you every time. Most likely, you don’t even know you have that thought; “I will give it a try, but I know it probably won’t work out” or “Nothing ever works.”

These thoughts I had kept me from losing weight for many years because why do anything If I thought I was going to fail anyway. If you would have asked me, there was no way that I even knew I had that thought; it was an unconscious thought that developed from the many years of dieting and failing. 

All of those thoughts inside your head some you are aware of and some not. These thoughts are setting yourself up to fail ahead of time.

Why would you even want to fail ahead of time?

When you fail ahead of time, that is you doubting your ability, so you don’t really try, why bother! And if we don’t bother, then you prevent yourself from failing because how can you fail when you didn’t put the work in that was needed.

Unconsciously you think that pre-failing keeps you safe and comfortable and you won’t get hurt, but this is a lie.

Think about every day you are not at your goal weight because you didn’t try that doesn’t have you feeling any better. 

Not giving it your all was because you fear to fail. Your brain wants to keep you safe and comfortable, so it is saying to you, don’t try and you won’t fail. Or you ‘try’ until you get uncomfortable or something comes up and then you stop because why bother putting a whole lot of work and effort in if you are going to fail anyway. 

So you continue to feel uncomfortable because you remain at the weight you are, this is the result you get when you let the fear of failure take over.

Pre-failing doesn’t hurt less; you still hurt. 

You sitting on the couch each night eating ice cream feeling sorry for yourself because you are afraid of failing again will only keep you where you are at. Instead, what about saying to yourself, “I can’t afford to sit here on the couch if I want to lose the weight.”

You have NO chance of succeeding with weight loss if you don’t try because you are afraid of failing. 

I used to be so afraid of failing, and when I realized that failure is good because we learn and grow from it, this is when I started trying over and over again until I got to my goal weight.

I would never have been a Nurse, lost 100 pounds, become a runner or a weight loss coach if I didn’t allow myself to fail. Stop running from something but run to it. 

Have the courage with every opportunity you have to practice being okay with things not going the way you planned, and that is your chance to learn and grow. All your failures are what enables you to get the life you want.

What if you decided ahead of time that when you fail, you will not beat yourself up over it, and you will not quit?

What if we flipped failure on its head and collected it like badges of honour? What if a minimum of 5 failures per month was required as proof that we are putting ourselves out there in a big way?

How would you feel about failure then? 

How different would your life be?

Be all in on failure. 

Give it a try. I know you’ll see a difference. 

I am a Certified Life and Weight Coach. I work with clients one-on-one to lose weight for the last time. I love to work with women who are ready to try something new!

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