Why losing weight is so hard?

What makes it hard?

What makes losing weight hard is the way we think about it. 

Losing weight being hard is only because of your mind.

Yes, that is right! It is because of the thoughts that are happening. 

Losing weight happens; what you think is why it feels hard.

There is no hard or easy way to it unless your mind thinks so.

The thoughts about being hard are what makes it seem hard to lose weight.

This is why it is so important to listen to your thoughts.

To lose weight, you must start getting out of your way. When you think of it as hard, that is how you end up sabotaging your efforts. 

Think about what you are saying to yourself about losing weight being hard. What is it you are telling yourself all day about;

-your ability to eat healthy

-your ability to follow your protocol

-your likelihood of keeping the weight off

-your exercise

-your busy schedule

-your body

I want you to make a list of everything that you are telling yourself about losing weight being hard. Write everything down, good or bad because you are thinking about it anyway.

Do NOT judge yourself on any of it. Do not think that there is something wrong with you or be upset about it. 

Why do I ask my clients to write a list out? I do so because if you think it is hard and you are not aware of all your thoughts, you end up using “It is hard” as a reason to quit, not fully show up, to hide or buffer. 

You end up having thoughts like “This is so hard, I don’t have enough willpower,” and then you end up overeating on those cookies sitting on the counter.

If you’re telling the story of losing weight being hard, you also have a choice of telling a story of enjoying the process of losing weight. This is an option for you too.

You have a choice to focus on losing weight being hard or it not. Losing weight is just losing weight; it is not hard or easy; it is neutral. 

You choose which you’d like to see and focus on.

So now with your list, I want you to read it out loud one at a time to yourself and decide is this something that you would want others to say to you?

Would you be motivated to lose weight if your friend or husband said these things to you?

If your answer is no, it’s time for you to change what it is you are saying to yourself. What would you want to say to yourself instead?

Take your list of all the things you are telling yourself and now next to each one write what you do want to think. 

Use this second list anytime one of your initial thoughts pop up. Being intentional with the thoughts you want to think takes practice.. 

Over time these new thoughts are what will becomes your new way of thinking.

What you say daily to yourself is so important, so make sure it is something that will move you toward your goal, not away.

I am a Certified Life and Weight Coach. I work with clients one-on-one to lose weight for the last time. I love to work with women who are ready to try something new!

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