What type of overeater are you?

‘What type of overeating are you?’

There are two different types of overeating; they are Fog eating and Storm eating.

Fog eating is when you are eating without being consciously aware you are doing it. It is not even enjoyable because you don’t even realize what you are putting in your mouth. It is when you are sitting in front of the tv with that big bowl of popcorn and then next thing you know it is all gone, you don’t even remember eating it all. It is when you are making supper, and you take that extra lick or bite here and there not even paying attention in doing so. It is eating when you are distracted. The minute you catch yourself – STOP doing it.

Storm eating is binge eating or out of control eating. It is whenever you think or feel you can’t stop yourself. It is when you are eating when you are not hungry. You know you are doing it, feel like you cannot stop even though you want to and finally stop when you are so sickly full. You are fully aware you are doing it, but you can’t seem to stop. We storm eat when we let ourselves get too hungry, when we feel we have ‘deprived ‘ ourselves for too long or when we have an overwhelming emotion we don’t want to feel. Most of the time we follow storm eating with regret and shame, and it is done in private, in hiding. What’s important is not to beat yourself up and judge yourself. What you need to know is there is a good reason it is happening so to be kind to yourself. Find out what is going on so you can choose differently next time.

Take the time to do a thought download (TDL), asking yourself the question “What am I really needing right now? and “What am I thinking and feeling right now?”.


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