What to do when you find it hard not to eat the desserts.

The holidays are in full swing, and to many, that means trying hard not to give in to all the good tasty food

I remember in my past before I lost the 100 pounds going to the party’s, the dinners out and struggling to stick to my diet only to end up eating all the foods I said I wouldn’t eat because it was too hard not to.

There were many times I dreaded going out because of how hard I thought it was going to be to eat the way I should be eating. 

I would get through the supper using all the willpower I had to eat the foods I promised myself I would eat only to see the desserts! When I saw the butter tarts, the shortbread cookies, the decadent desserts, it was all over for me following my diet.

What sabotaged me was not all the desserts but my thinking that it was hard not to eat them. No amount of willpower was enough to keep me from eating them!

My thinking that it was hard-set me up to believe there was nothing that I could do about it. 

When I learned that my thinking, “It is hard,” was not a fact or circumstance, that is when everything changed for me

So how do you know is “it is hard” is not a fact, is when someone else can dispute it, that they don’t find it hard at all. 

Hard is an opinion, a thought that you have. 

So if it is a thought, then you have the choice to think a different thought like “it is easy.”

When you focus or believe that, “It is hard,” your mind will find all the reasons why it is hard, which will create a struggle inside of you. This struggle will only make it more difficult for you to stick with what you committed to not eating. Your results always match your thinking!

When you have a struggle going on in you, your first way of dealing with not eating all those desserts is by trying to use willpower. The thing is there is only so much willpower that you have before it doesn’t work anymore and you give in and eat what you tried so hard not to. 

So instead of relying on willpower, start looking at how your thoughts are so powerful

Change the focus of your thoughts from “It is hard” to “It is easy” or if that is not believable “I am willing to believe it is easy!” 

When you can focus your thoughts on it is easy, you then work from a place of being positive and empowered. 

When you come from a place of it is easy, then you can think clearly and make the decisions that will be the best for you at that moment.

We have thoughts all the time, so put those thoughts to good use

Choose thoughts that will serve you, and that will work best for you. 

Whatever you focus your thoughts on is what will stay in your awareness and what you will make happen. Your thoughts influence everything you do, so why not choose the ones that will lead you in the direction you want to go. 

Remember, I know what you are going through because I was right where you are now, so trust me when I say that yes, you can go out, enjoy yourself, but most importantly, not end up overeating. 

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