What Matters Most?

What did you do on the weekend?

Here in Edmonton, Canada, it was a beautiful sunny day Saturday, so I was excited to clean up my flower beds now that the snow is all gone.

I spent 5 hours squatting down cleaning it all up, and during that time, I could feel I was using muscles I had not used in a long time. Yes, I have been running, but squatting down used a whole new set of muscles.

There were a few times where I wanted to stop because my legs were aching, but I could see how wonderful it was coming along, so even though I had a thought of quitting, all I wanted was to get it done so I kept on going.  I wanted to have the pleasure of seeing my flower beds clean, so I could enjoy the flowers coming up!

I got it all done and felt amazing until Sunday.

Sunday, I sure did feel sore to the point that it was uncomfortable sitting down. The discomfort was there, but honestly, it didn’t get to me because it was so worth it seeing what I accomplished!

It’s like going to the gym; the pain feels good because you see the results that you get!

Why I wanted to share this with you is my decision to keep going despite being uncomfortable is the same decision I made when it came to losing weight.

I lost 100 pounds because my reason for wanting to get there was so much stronger than all the discomfort that came up for me.

My goal of cleaning the flower beds out was stronger than wanting to quit because my legs were sore.

Just like my goal I had of being able to wear smaller clothes, to walk into a regular size clothing store and buy anything off the rack, to want to have my picture taken, to wear a bikini. I was focusing on the reasons why I wanted to lose 100 pounds instead of all the uncomfortable moments.

Some of the uncomfortable moments I went through were:

-not eating those cookies after a bad day at work

-choosing to follow my 24-hour plan by only having one donut, not two (don’t forget I was a Nurse and there were always donuts in the lunchroom!)

-Going out with friends and not giving in and having those four glasses of wine!

So what matters most to you?

Make a list of all the things that matter most to you when it comes to losing weight.

Write them ALL down.

Keep that list with you and look at it every time you feel like giving up.

Losing weight happens when you choose what you want MOST over what you want at the moment.

Looking at your list is what you need to do when you are tempted to eat off-plan. It is about choosing the goal you want over what your reaction brain is trying to tell you is more important at that moment.

When you follow this, you will lose the weight.

You will get to your goal.

You will live a life where you will keep the weight off for good. Join my Facebook group here for how to lose weight for the last time!

You can do this!






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