What Does Failure Mean to You?

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Do you have a fear of failure? If you are like most people you do have this going on and why wouldn’t you, all the focus out there is how NOT to fail so you succeed.

What if we had more of the focus on failure being a good thing as long as it you do it in a positive way. Just imagine if you looked at it as you have not failed but have just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.

Do you expect everything to go perfectly in losing weight? That you will never go off your plan? No, of course, everything will not go exactly the way you want it, so how about looking at all of this with a  curious mind. Ask yourself why was it that you went off your plan? What can I learn from the failure I had at that moment so I don’t do it again? By taking this direction instead of beating yourself up you will decrease the chances of you quitting yet again.

Take that failure and learn from it because that is the only way you can change what you have done time and time again that has not been working.

Failure is GOOD! Just take a look at a young child learning to walk That child will have many failed attempts at walking. Despite their failed attempts they keep trying and trying until they do finally walk. It is through the failing, through the falling down that they get strong enough to do it!

So make failure a Goal and look at it as not that there something is wrong with you, that this is a bad thing, or that you feel disappointed in yourself yet again. View each failure as you getting stronger and with each attempt, you will get better and better at failing. This is the process in you becoming more confident in trying new things and not letting the fear of failure stop you.


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