What do you say when you look in the mirror?

How is your relationship with yourself?

-How do you talk to yourself?

-Are you so depleted that you have nothing to give to yourself?

-Are you feeling so discouraged and depressed when you look in the mirror?

One thing I have not talked about is relationships, but most importantly, the relationship with yourself.

We put so much of our time and energy into making sure the relationships with our spouse, kids, family and friends are good but the most critical relationship, the one with ourselves we neglect.

So when it comes to losing weight and we neglect or mistreat ourselves, how do we ever expect that we will do what is needed so that we can lose weight.

So what I want you to do is take a look at how you talk to yourself, how you treat yourself. Are you loving and kind to yourself, or are you mean and hurtful?

Your relationship with yourself is not just about self-care; doing things for yourself, like taking a bath, walks, taking time for yourself; it is also about how you are talking to yourself.

Would you want to spend time with yourself?

I want you to ask yourself, How do I describe myself?

I know for me how I described myself as  “I was fat,” “My stomach and thighs looked so disgusting”, “I’m a failure” or even “There’s something wrong with me, I have no willpower, so I will never lose the weight!”.

Would you want to spend time with someone so negative, who talks this way to you?

No wonder you are buffering with food, alcohol &/or busyness when you are mean to yourself.  Why would you want to feel the hurt from those words, that mental chatter going on inside your head?

Also, something else to think about is, would you ever allow someone else to speak to you this way? What would you feel if you heard your child speaking this way?

You talking this way to yourself is mean and not acceptable, so it is time that everything you say to yourself needs to change.

There is never a good reason to be mean to anyone else, let alone yourself. There is no upside to it as all it creates is hurt and insecurity. And do you think that when you feel this way, it will ever get you to do the things you need to do to lose weight? NO!!!

It is time to stop it! Never again are you allowed to say anything that isn’t supportive.

No longer allowing yourself to take negatively about yourself is powerful but will take time to implement because so many of us don’t’ even realize that we are doing it. It is such a habit, so we have to start paying close attention to our thoughts throughout the day.

If you can pay attention to your thoughts throughout the day, you can then start to take note of the ones that are mean and unacceptable. Then it is time to start changing those thoughts.

Changing the thoughts is what I work on with my clients because you can’t just start by saying totally opposite thoughts of how much you love yourself because that will not be believable to you. You have to work your way up the ladder to that thought, and yes, you will get there one day!

So if you are ready to change how you talk and treat yourself, then it is time to start right now! Start observing your thoughts, write them down and then pick one that you are willing to change.

If you find yourself struggling with this, then book a free strategy call where I can help you identify your thoughts and then work on a new believable thought.

Trust me, by changing your relationship with yourself, you will start to set yourself to lose weight and for it to be sustainable.

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