What do you need right now?

Given the reality of the way things are right now, if you are an emotional eater, you may be feeling so tempted to eat everything you can get your hands on!

I know a few times this past week, I have had that feeling. It is normal because your brain is trying to find a way to comfort you!

Eating is a totally normal response for many of us when faced with worry, fear and uncertainty.

If you struggle with your weight or with your relationship with food, this chaos might be creating a lot of anxiety for you right now.

But it’s ok!

Like I said before, this is normal. Our brains are in distress right now, and it is working hard on keeping you safe and comfortable.

You might feel like things are out of control right now, and all you want is to find some comfort, so no wonder you are looking to food to give you that.

The job of our brain is to seek pleasure, avoid pain and do it in the quickest way possible.

I don’t know about you, but when I was a big-time emotional eater and was struggling with anxiety, worry, fear, stress or even overwhelm, that was when that big bowl of ice cream was the only answer. Eating all it gave me relief fast! My focus was on the food, not on what it was I was dealing with and feeling. Yup, that ice cream was a distraction! My brain did a fantastic job, making me feel so much better.

Eating the ice cream is not the problem; it is the effects after we eat it that ends up causing the problem, especially if we are trying to lose weight.

We also end up beating ourselves up. We go to guilt and shame.
So let go of the guilt and shame right now! That is, the first step is ending overeating!

Just stop and breathe; it will all be ok!

Thank your brain for looking after you, it was just doing its job.
Then be loving and compassionate to yourself.

When you are loving and compassionate to yourself the next time you find yourself looking to food to help you feel better, it makes is so much easier to ask yourself: “What do I need right now?”

And if you decide it is food then eat whatever it is you want but from a place of it’s ok to have it.

When you allow yourself to have it and aware that your brain is just looking after you, you start to move into feeling the feelings that are coming up and consciously choosing to eat or not.

Just remember everything will be ok when you let go of the panic and fear because you can then think from a rational brain, not a reactive brain.
You are doing fantastic, don’t forget that!

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