This, too, is figureoutable!

They are calling it a pandemic right now.

Here I am on day 3 of self-isolation because I flew in from the United States to Canada.

I have been listening to all the fear and panic that everyone has around the Coronavirus and watching the actions that people are taking.

The thing is that it is not the circumstance– meaning the virus that is causing people to feel angry, fearful, overwhelmed or even worried it is their thoughts about the circumstance.

Yes, the circumstance is the virus, and we can not change the circumstance, but we can change our thoughts about it. That doesn’t mean that we deny the circumstance, but what positive actions will we ever take from panic and fear.

I want you to think of how, when the trees grow and bloom, we love it, but we don’t like it when viruses grow, and that’s because of our thoughts that make the difference.

Why I talk about this is, there are so many people right now in emotional suffering that do not have to be.

One of my clients came to me so angry and fearful. She was so angry this virus was going on and that she was afraid of losing her job and having no money to pay her mortgage.

She was holding tight on those feelings, and from that place, all she could focus on was everything that was going wrong. She struggled to see how she could deal with those feelings, how she could cope with all of this. How she only saw the doom and gloom.

What I asked her was, were those feelings serving her? Yeah, was her initially answer because she felt right in feeling all of it. But underlying She was afraid that if she didn’t feel that way, then that meant she was in denial or minimizing what was going on.

But what I was able to show her was those feelings were not helping her find any solutions to what she had to deal with. So ultimately, staying with those feelings only blocked her from figuring things out. It was like she wanted to stay in the cave and hide and not deal with things.

But we have to deal with what is happening, and the only way to do that is to come out of the cave, think a thought, feel a feeling that will give us the results we need to find solutions to what we are facing right now. 

Let me show you an example of being stuck in the problem vs solution-focused.

I have heard many people panicking about losing their job and then losing their home, and they can’t see any other way out because their thought is “This is so bad, there is nothing I can do.”

But what if you had a thought of “I can figure this out, this too shall pass” from that thought they get curious and see that they could move in with family and rent their place out or have others move in and pay rent for a while until things were better.

The worst-case scenario is not losing their house but having some changes in their life that are not permanent.

What feels better to you?

So if you are struggling to see anyway out then feeling fearful, panicked and worried I am here to help you. You don’t have to do this alone because what we are all going through can feel like you have no control, but you do!



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