This holiday you can enjoy without overeating!

The holidays are coming up, are you already dreading them, worrying about how in the heck you are going to stick with your diet and not overeat?

This past weekend in Canada, it was Thanksgiving, and I didn’t gain weight! Actually, since I lost 100 pounds over ten years ago, I have not overeaten or gained weight over the holidays! This was not always how it was for me.

For over 20 + years holidays for me meant; me telling myself I was going to stick with my diet, I was not going to eat the foods I “shouldn’t” eat but then when it came time to fill my plate, those foods made its way onto my plate!

With all that food on my plate, the mind chatter would be going; I would hear myself say, I will have just a small taste, just a couple bites, but of course I ate everything off my plate, and many times I went back for more. I would end up overeating, feeling so full, and of course, beat myself up for “not having enough willpower.

I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me, why couldn’t I just say no to the food that was all laid out on the table!

What I didn’t know back then was if I wanted to stop the struggle with food, overeating and gaining weight over the holidays, I had to have a new approach, and that didn’t mean finding another diet or needing more willpower or self-discipline.

The thing is, it is not about the food, it was not about me needing more willpower, it was all about the reason why I couldn’t stick with my diet in the first place, why I sabotaged myself every time.

Some of the issues for me that I didn’t realize sabotaged me over the holidays were the holidays meant celebrating, feeling happy, and how I got pleasure was from food- so I ate more. Or that there was tension in the family, which made me uncomfortable, so I ate to feel better. So happy or sad, you ate to feel better.

Another reason why I sabotaged myself was due to the habit that holidays are the time to eat all your favorite foods, everything that is only served at this time of year. So how did I think I would not overeat if I didn’t change that habit ahead of time. You will never break the habit in that moment at the table with your “favorite” foods sitting there on your plate.

So I promise you that you trying to follow a diet or trying to have more willpower won’t change why you sabotage yourself and end up overeating and gaining weight over the holidays!

You need to learn the tools that you have never used before.

Are you ready to do something different this holiday season?

I am so grateful that I learned how to manage my mind, end my over hunger and over desire, so food no longer is the solution.

In my program, my clients finally have peace from all of the brain chatter, the constant thinking around food and they have freedom around food. They can be around the foods they grew up to love and overindulge with and no longer want to have them.

This is possible for you too.

It’s up to you to decide if this will be you next. Click here to apply for a Free Consult call where we explore what you are going through, and if my program is a good fit for you.

It’s the best gift you can give yourself this holiday!



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