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Have you heard of The Model? The Model was something that was taught to me by mentor Brooke Castillo which I use every day on myself and with my clients.  Using The Model, you can solve any problem

The comments on The Model are simple and clear. They are:


Circumstances are factual. Strictly the facts. They are indisputable in a court of law.


Thoughts are the thoughts or opinions you are having about your circumstance. The root cause of any problem is our thinking.


Feelings are vibrations in our body. Our feelings/emotions are one-word descriptors: happy, sad, anxious, frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed.


Actions are caused by our feelings. We will act, react or not act based on how we feel.


Results are determined/caused by our actions. What we do (our actions) will always create our results.

We may think our results are circumstances having been handed to us without our control. But the truth is, we are entirely responsible for our results because they come from our actions and are a result of our feelings, which come from our thoughts. This is great news because thoughts are always within our control.

If you want to know what you are thinking, look at the results you are getting in your life.

You can start managing your mind by understanding that everything you do or don’t do begins with your thoughts. This makes behavioural change so much easier because if you try to change a behaviour without working on your thought first, you will never succeed at changing.

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