Should you eat breakfast?

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Do we really need to eat 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day?

If you are not hungry for breakfast, do you force yourself to eat because you feel that is the healthy choice?

Some ideas are that if you don’t eat breakfast, you will be hungrier through the rest of the day, but that is not always true.

Some ideas are that if you eat a large breakfast that will reduce food intake throughout the rest of the day, but that is not always true too.

What if we ate to what our bodies are telling us that we need for fuel? Sounds wacky right?! I thought this was not possible, that was because I was disconnected with my hunger queues that my body was trying to tell me.

Another idea was we were told that skipping breakfast will shut down our metabolism, but that has been proven not to be true.

Do you eat breakfast in a rush and if so is what are you eating for breakfast foods, mostly processed and convenient? Is it healthier to eat this type of food or none at all?

Listen to your body, and if it is telling you, you are not hungry, then don’t eat. If you are needing to lose weight you won’t starve to death, your body has the fuel for you to survive.

If you do eat breakfast, start when your hunger is a -2 and stop when it is a +2. Eat slow and savour what you are eating. Be present in eating by putting away your phone and shutting off the TV.

Hugs, you are worth it,


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