Self-doubt (part 1 of 3)

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One of the things I struggle with is at times self-doubt. I do have confidence because I have done a lot work on my self doubt but knowing this it still comes up for me. Everyone has self doubt no matter who they are but they don’t let that self doubt stop them. They know that when they are moving towards their goals and dream they will have self doubt come up. They know its part of the process of being human and they are willing to be uncomfortable with it being there but they will keep moving forward.

The problem with so many people is they don’t want to be uncomfortable so they choose self doubt over their goals and dreams. They choose to stay comfortable right where they are at- which with weight loss is not losing the weight. This is why the excuses come up, it is a way to try and hide and avoid having to deal with the self-doubt and frustration that is going on inside of ourselves. The excuse of “it’s too hard”, “I don’t know how to do it”, we want things to be easy, we think it should be easy, we are not entitled to easy. Anything worth doing or getting takes work and effort, think of the pride and confidence you get when you do work hard and accomplish what you were working on.

If you are not writing down your goals it is because you are afraid of what is your self-doubt, frustration and fear. These feelings are what you are not wanting to deal with. So just imagine if you could deal with those emotions would you then let self doubt stop you? Are you willing to be uncomfortable feeling those feelings?

Self doubt feels very real, it feels like it is something that happens to us that is stopping us from doing what we want to do. I truly believed that it was a fact that I did not have the ability to lose weight but that was just my self doubt working hard to convince me I couldn’t do it. It was my mind creating the self-doubt. Setting that goal of losing 100lbs got my mind going crazy with so many negative thought. “You will never lose that much weight”, “There is no way you can do that. This was my brain trying so desperately to keep me safe and comfortable because in that moment things were working efficiently even thought I was not getting the results I wanted. Our brains are designed to be efficient, don’t break what is working. I had to see that my brain was stepping in with all my negative thoughts when I started to push myself to move forward.

So those self doubting thoughts are normal! I was normal in knowing that whenever any of us are working on growing, moving forward that is when self doubt will jump in. Thoughts of self doubt are thoughts that don’t support us in our capabilities. Our capabilities of what we can do and what we can develop. Remember that your ability to achieve what you want in your life is only limited by our self doubt. So if you want to achieve that goal or dream it is all about your ability to move beyond your own doubtful thinking.

You need to ask yourself are you willing to face your doubts? Are you willing to work through them? If you answered yes then you have to believe you can do it and be committed in doing it. It is your choice that when you set that goal for yourself and self doubt kicks in and you feel like something is stopping you, you do not run away. You do not let that self doubt take over and have you feeling you are not capable of doing it. How would you even know you are capable or not if you are not willing to try. You need to try and keep on trying until you have done it. This gives you the confidence and evidence that you can do it. You have to be willing to try as many times as needed to get you to your goal.

Just think if I had listened to my self doubt- those thoughts that had me doubting my ability to lose weight I would never have lost 100lbs and kept it off. Some of my thoughts were “That is so much weight to lose, you will never be able to do it”, “You can’t do it”. Those thoughts were only my doubting myself and knowing it is my mind creating and that self doubt is a choice, I choose to doubt my doubt. I choose to be let it be there, to not fight against it but to no longer let it control me anymore. I took a look at the fact that is someone else could lose 100 lbs there was no reason that I could not do that as well. I had to face whatever obstacles came my way.


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