Realistic goals

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What is an unrealistic goal?

A goal is unrealistic when the goal is something that requires more energy, skills, talents, and time than you have available in order to achieve it.

Is that next fad diet out there work for losing weight? Yes, it can if you exactly follow it but also for how long can you follow it? Is it realistic in is it something you can do for the rest of your life?

I remember losing weight on the Cabbage soup diet. Yes I lost some weight but there was no way I could eat like that the rest of my life so I ended up quitting and gaining my weight back.

It is also about is that next diet on the market teaching me and getting me in the habits of getting the weight off but most importantly keeping the weight off?

Does that ‘diet’ realistically set you up to keep the weight off so you never have to go through this yet again? Most diets out there don’t do this, they only focus on getting the weight off the quickest, easiest way.

Losing weight the realistic way is about learning everything you can whole losing the weight so that when you lose the weight you can maintain it.

The other aspect of realistic weight lose is do you set your expectations too high. Do you base your expectations on where you think you should be or are you basing your expectations on what you realistically can work towards.

Have you wanted to lose 100 lbs and set the goal to lose this by next year? Next year comes and that doesn’t happen, but you did lose 50 lbs. Your thoughts are you didn’t hit that goal so it’s not good enough. This is first because your goal was not realistic and because of that there was a very low chance you would hit it and of course not hitting most of view that as failure and then quit. Saying why bother I knew I couldn’t do it.

So now have the realistic goal of I want to lose 100 lbs but I realistically know I can hit 50 lbs knowing that that is stretching you out of your comfort zone. Next year you lost the 50 lbs as well as learned so much a long the way. This set you up to continue working on your next big goal because you developed the confidence in knowing you can do what you say you will do. You have developed new habits that you will continue to grow and learn from.

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