Quitting is your habit

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Winners never quit, and quitters never win”- Vince Lombardi.

I heard this quote many times but yet in my dieting days, I quit over and over. No wonder I didn’t lose the weight, or if I did, I didn’t keep it off. When it felt like it was “too hard” or “It wasn’t going to work,” I quit.

Every time I quit all I did was make it easier to tell myself that quitting was acceptable.

My mentor Brooke Castillo says that “quitting slows you down.” So true! Think about if you didn’t quit many years ago when you lost that 50 lbs instead of the 100 lbs you wanted to. You quit because you told yourself “that wasn’t what I wanted so why bother” or “I knew I couldn’t do it”. If you had not quit, you would have continued losing weight and not be in the place where you are at right now. How many years have you been working towards losing weight because you quit?

Quitting becomes a habit and justifying or making excuses is a skill. I know you are yelling out at me WHAT! This is because what we practice is what we get better at. You are developing skills that will help you quit in the future.

If you are practicing overeating, you’re getting better at overeating.

If you are practicing drinking, you’re getting better at drinking.

If you are practicing justifying why you’re quitting, you’re getting better at that.

Quitting sounds like a terrible thing for most of as it prevents us from getting what we want, so why do we do it? The reason why we keep quitting is because our primitive brain is trying to keep us safe and comfortable.

Did you know that quitting is a false pleasure? It is a false pleasure in that it feels better to quit; then it does to continue working hard to get to your big goal. It may feel better when you quit but in the long term, nothing has changed. You still stay with the discomfort that had you start in the first place. You also don’t have to fail because you quit.

We need to learn to manage discomfort instead of dealing with it by quitting. This is where I have my clients learn and use The Model. They use The Model so that they can manage their mind and notice what thoughts they are having so that they can make deliberate conscious choices. They anticipate the desire to quit.

I help them to understand that we are wired to seek pleasure, avoid pain and use the least amount of energy/effort possible. All of this is happening in the primitive brain which is driving our desire to quit.

You need to learn to manage discomfort instead of answering it with quitting.

So stop quitting because how will you know what you can achieve if you quit?

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