Podcast: Hello!

Hello everyone! Let me start by introducing myself. I’m Karen Schaible, RN. I’m a Registered Nurse who retired from Nursing to become an Advanced Certified Weight Loss Coach for Nurses. 

After 30 years of struggling with food and my weight, being so unhappy, I found the solution to living the life I dreamed of!

Come take a listen to my podcast. I will share my journey on how I lost 100 lbs over 12 years ago by ending being a stressed-out, busy, depressed, anxious Nurse who dreaded going to work to one who has self-confidence and self-esteem, so I no longer needed food to get me through life. 

With all that I learned, I finally enjoyed my job, life, and my relationships improved beyond what I thought possible! 

I want to start things off with a bit of background about me, my journey with weight loss, and what this podcast is going to be.

Each week, I will share how I lost 100 lbs and how I now help Nurses lose weight and start enjoying their job and life.

Your struggle with food and weight isn’t the problem, you have a Busy or Stress problem, and I can help you end all of that. 

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