Ep #2 How to enjoy your holiday WITHOUT gaining weight!


Don’t you?

Even though you love your vacations, so many Nurses, before they even leave for the vacation, feel so worried and fearful that they will undo all their work in losing weight.

They don’t believe it’s possible that they can enjoy their vacation without “blowing’ their diet.”

Well, I’m here to tell you that you can enjoy your vacation! You do NOT need to be all consumed with food on your vacation and gain weight!

Yes, you heard me correctly!

In the past, Vacations to me used to be where I would be so focused on the food that it took away from me having a wonderful experience.

I started with the best intentions, but that never lasted very long. I would end up overeating so much to the point where I felt so physically uncomfortable, and that would lead me to the “I’m on vacation” mentality. Then I would tell myself, “who cares, I will start again when I get home!”

That was the past, now I am excited about my vacations and thoroughly enjoy them WITHOUT all the Food and Weight Drama happening.


You can have this too!

I know this is what so many Nurses want because this is what I so desperately wished for!

In this episode, I teach you a BRAND NEW APPROACH that works so you can enjoy your vacation and not gain weight.

You deserve to go on your vacations having the CONFIDENCE of knowing that food and weight no longer control your experience.

Listen to learn how you can shift from food and weight worries to having trust and confidence in yourself with what and how you are eating so that you can finally enjoy your time away!

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