Massive Action

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I bet you have had dreams for a long time but have not achieved them. You have not reached your dreams and goals because you have not taken massive action.

Massive action is the action that you are going to take and continue taking until you hit your goal. It means taking consistent action until you get what you want- no matter what. You are willing to try any and everything to make it happen.

Massive action is you anticipating the obstacles that may come up. You being willing to fail over and over again. You will try different ways, do anything to get there. You will continue to evaluate and change your actions until you hit your desired goal. You see that there is no right or wrong way; you just do it. You don’t stop for any reason until you get there.

If you don’t have what you want, then that just means you are not taking massive action. You have to know that when you start, it is all about what steps can you take right now and then doing them. If that action doesn’t get you the results you want, then you figure out what else you could do. You keep doing this until you do get the results you want. It is not about knowing every single action you are going to take forever- it is just for now.

Commit to trying just one thing and then the next. Don’t let failure be an option, so you better figure out what next to do.

Many people think that all the courses they take, the studying, the reading, the practicing they are doing is taking action. Yes, it is action, but it is passive action. Passive action is everything you do “in preparation” towards taking massive action. Passive action does not get you the results that you are after.

Think of passive action as all the intellectual things you are doing, but you are actually not doing something.

Passive action has to do with consumption. Massive action has to do with making it happen.

Remember that there is no risk involved in passive action. So start taking massive action and fail hard because that only means you are working towards getting the results you want.

What does taking massive action look like to you? Does it look like you showing up for yourself when you are on a holiday, when you are at a birthday party, or you are out with friends?

Do you want the results you are dreaming of? If you do, then you will have to continue in taking massive action until you get it.

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