Make this year different!

Have you set a New Year’s Resolution to lose weight by changing the actions you need to take. By finding that magic diet that has you focusing on what to eat and how much to eat? 

We have been taught to lose weight, we have to focus on changing our actions, but…. That is wrong. To make changes we have to first focus on our thinking.

The reason why the diet isn’t working is because of what you are thinking, not the actions you are or are not taking. 

It really is that simple

We think that our thoughts are NOT within our control, but they are! Also, most of us don’t even know what we are thinking.

Why does it matter what we are thinking?

It really does matter because our thoughts are what create our feelings. And everything we do or don’t do is because of what we feel. 

Everything you want and do in your life is because of a feeling. The feeling that you think you will have in getting it or the feeling you want to avoid.

The next piece of this is that your feelings drive ALL your actions, and your actions create your results.

So if you want to lose weight, it all starts with what you are thinking. The thought is going to drive you to do what you need to do or stop you.

So whatever weight you are at right now is all because of what you have been thinking.

Here are some thoughts I used to have, and my clients had;

“It’s too hard to lose weight.”

“I can’t lose weight.”

“I will never figure it out.”

“I want to eat this right now.”

“It’s not fair I can’t have that.”

“Just this once.”

Are these thoughts you are having? If these are some of your thoughts, you are probably repeating them over and over, so no wonder you are struggling to lose weight.

Do these thoughts have you feeling motivated, confident, hopeful? NO!

So how do you lose weight then?

You start first by becoming aware of what is going on inside your mind, then working on what you are saying to yourself, the thoughts that you have. You need to do this or you will continue to struggle with losing weight. You cannot move forward.

Sometimes it is not easy to see the thoughts that you are having that is holding you back from losing the weight because they are so programmed into our subconscious so they continue to sabotage us.

So, if you want this year to be different from all the other years, work on becoming an observer of all your thoughts! From this place, then you have a choice to change them or not. 


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