Little steps add up to big steps!

I sat for days, actually weeks trying to find the perfect topic to write about on my first blog to you. But what I was forgetting is, there is no perfect way to do anything.

When I was 100 pounds heavier than I am now I would tell myself, “I will start my diet when things are perfect to start” but guess what, there never was the “perfect” time to start. There was a birthday coming up so I had to wait and start after that, or I was going out with friends and I wanted to enjoy it so I waited until after that. I put off starting my weight loss journey for too long, way too many times because I was waiting for that “perfect” time.

What I learned when I finally made the commitment to end the diets and lose that 100 pounds was, there will never be a perfect time and actually when we talk about diets, there is no “perfect” diet. Waiting for all the conditions to be perfect, just like I was waiting for the perfect time to write this blog. That perfect time will never come.

So what did work for me to get started on losing the weight was to “just do something”. To take just one small baby step right now. My old belief was that a small little step will do nothing, will get me nowhere and that I had to do something huge for it to make a difference, but that just is not true. Each and every baby step you take will add up to get you to your end goal. You will never reach that end goal without all those baby steps put together.

Working with my clients, I teach them about making one degree shifts. Why I choose that expression is from comparing it to airplanes. If there are 2 planes both headed to the same destination but one of them is one degree shift off course in its flight plan and if they are traveling a long distance, they will end up in two totally different locations in the end.  Just being off one degree in the beginning and continuing to do so will have those small baby steps add up to having you lose the weight and keep it off.

So what one-degree shift can you take today, no matter how small it is that will have you losing the weight you are so desperately working towards

My own weight loss success came from making the small changes and committing to being consistent in them

What small step can you take today, no matter how small it is that will lead you towards losing the weight and keeping it off?

Could you eat 2 less bites of food off your plate?

Could you add in a piece of fruit in the day?

Could you have a salad with one meal?

Could you have a glass of water when you wake up?

Focus on being steady and consistent with the small changes. Make it a habit to keep doing one small step at a time which will lead to your weight loss.

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