Weight loss
the right way!


A 12-week experience for Nurses who are ready to finally lose the weight that’s weighing them down mentally, physically and emotionally.

Take back control over food and your weight! 


Raise Your Hand If This Sounds Like You:

Do you try so hard to get through another busy, stressful shift and on your drive home, you can’t stop thinking about everything that happened in your day that…

You walk in the door.

Get out of your work clothes.

Open the fridge, the pantry, the freezer, desperately searching for your favorite food and see the carton of your favorite Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.

You start eating out of the carton, trying hard to figure out what to make for a meal, but the ice cream leads to other licks, tastes and bites.

You are so mentally exhausted.

ALL you want at that point is relief from your day.

All you want is to feel better… but you don’t, and the next day, you feel so frustrated with yourself for “falling off the wagon” that you beat yourself up for not being more disciplined with your diet. 

You ask yourself, “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I stop it! Why can’t I stick to my diet?!!!”

You know what to eat. You’ve done all the diets, but nothing has worked because you just can’t stick with it long enough.

So hear me when I say… 


Making poor food choices at the end of a long day is normal for you because it’s the only way you know how to give yourself relief from the busy, stressful day you just had.

And you rinse and repeat the cycle of negative self-talk, unhealthy habits and fast (not so healthy) food choices day after day. 

The good news is that you can change all of that, and I can help you break the cycle for good!


Want to know how?

The answer to losing weight for the last time isn’t about following a strict cookie-cutter diet or exercising more.

It’s beyond the food because you know what healthy eating is; the problem is you don’t know how to stay consistent.

Introducing the Weight Loss For Nurses Program (WLFN)

A 12-week experience for Nurses who are ready to finally lose the weight that’s weighing them down mentally, physically and emotionally. 

Together, we work through what’s really holding you back from not only losing weight but keeping it off, so you never have to start over again. 

The Weight Loss for Nurses Group Experience is unlike anything you’ve tried before because we get to the ROOT of what’s keeping you from getting (and staying) to your ideal weight goal by teaching you how to create the mind and body connection.


If you are searching for a doable, permanent weight loss solution that actually works… here it is.

Twelve weeks to develop a healthier relationship with your body from the inside out. 

You will discover how to…

-decondition diet mentality for good because diets DON’T work and replace it with what DOES work.

-to make EMPOWERED decisions around food that has the weight falling off of your body WITHOUT deprivation! 

-Eat in a way that is sustainable so you can keep it off for good! 

What I’ll be sharing with you is the exact steps I took that helped me lose 100 pounds and kept it off for the past 13 years… without any weight loss surgeries or without complicated diet plans or exercise routines.

The same strategies that are  working for my clients right now.  

I’m combining my years of experience working at a Bariatric Clinic and training in weight loss certification programs, plus my personal knowledge and experience and the latest neuroscience research to bring you the best combination of tools, resources, strategies and support to help you finally lose and keep it off for the last time. 

You will also achieve long-term weight loss by:

As a group, we will support and encourage each other AND together learn how to lose weight for the
last time!

We think that our struggle with losing weight is different from everyone else and that no one else understands us, which has us feeling so alone and that there is something wrong with us.

When you join the WLFN group full of Nurses, you learn and grow with each other through the struggles and successes.

It is so transformational having someone going through what you are to lean on and turn to for support.

I spent 30 years failing with all the diets, thinking that if only I got to that dream weight, my life would be better… I would feel better. The problem was I got to my goal weight twice but never kept it off. Why? Because there was no way I could keep up the restrictive eating and the diets never worked with my busy schedule.
I also learned that beating myself up on the way down to my goal weight never worked and only left me feeling worse, which had me turning to food to feel better. So no wonder I gained all the weight back and more.
So how did I lose 100 lbs over thirteen years ago?
It was finally learning to lose weight for good; I had to become aware of the real reason WHY I continued to struggle to start making changes that were doable and easy. I also learned to stop beating myself up and what I believed to be true about myself.
I not only lost 100 lbs, but my life changed for the better in every way possible!
My mission is to help other nurses end their weight loss struggle by loving and caring for themselves the way they do everyone else, helping them become aware of WHY they sabotage themselves so they can lose weight for the last time!

Just imagine having the confidence in knowing you have everything you need to keep the weight off for good!

You’ll leave this program with the tools and strategies that will have you eating like a ‘normal’ person, no matter what happens at work or in your life.
You’ll be able to attend -birthdays, holidays and vacations and not gain weight.
You’ll leave knowing that you don’t have to change anything outside of you because it is all within you to be happy, love yourself and stay at your ideal weight.
All of that is available to you when you join the WLFN program.

Real Clients

“For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with dieting, always thinking about it. What I’ve learned working with Karen is that this way of thinking has helped me to clear my mental head space so that I can focus on living, not just worrying about what I’m going to be eating later. It’s given me some peace and freedom and take back control.
Thank you again Karen.”- Deanna

“I always knew how to lose weight and gain it back. Karen has helped me change how I see food so it’s easier to make better choices without bingeing or starving!”- Emi

“Karen has helped me make the connection between my thought distortions and my actions. She is SO understanding because she has had weight struggles in her life and has, in time, overcome her negative thoughts and behaviors. I have been in therapy before, but Karen has been the most helpful because of her approach, knowledge and empathy. After each session, I ALWAYS felt better about myself! I always felt a renewed hope and energy because I was filled with her wisdom that gave me the tools to change. I am SO incredibly grateful that Karen came into my life. I know that I have a life-long coach and mentor in her, and I know that she will help me change!- Kathy.


The Weight Loss For Nurses Group Program

Option A: Group Coaching Program

Most affordable option.

Best for those who are self-motivated and don’t need one-on-one coaching.

$679 pay in full

$240 a month for 3 months.

A twelve-week program designed with everything you need to achieve long-term weight loss. It includes:

-12 weeks of teachings with worksheets. The calls will be on Wednesdays starting June 15th at 8 am PST/11 am EST.

-12 weeks of unlimited coaching support in the Facebook group.

-1 LIVE group training call per week on Zoom where you can get your questions answered. Replays will be available if you cannot make it LIVE.

-Group support, encouragement and accountability inside the private Facebook group.

-No restrictive meal plans. I help you create a custom food protocol that works for you and your busy schedule.

Option B: Group Coaching Program PLUS Individual Coaching

Best for those who desire personalized one-on-one coaching & accountability and group support.

$1499 pay in full (There is a payment plan available if needed)

-Includes everything in the group program PLUS:

-Weekly individual 45 min. coaching sessions (time and day to be determined)

-Ability to send private messages to Karen anytime.
**Availability for individual sessions is limited and subject to pre-approval, so book your call to get started..



You deserve to be at your goal weight, but what you are doing, your old way is not working. It keeps you Yo-Yo dieting going from feeling restricted and deprived to frustrated and feeling like you’re a failure- that something is wrong with you and that you can’t figure this weight loss thing out!
If you are at the point where you know there has to be another way but don’t know what it is; then I GOT YOU!
I’ve been right where you are now.

Frequently Asked Questions

The weekly training calls are no longer than one hour long. There will be 2 calls a week. You pick one or both. How long you spend on the worksheets varies from person to person. 

This program is different because it caters to your work and life schedule by helping you to manage your mind. When you learn how to manage your mind, you will have a better grasp of all your obligations to make the best decisions that are right for you. 

You definitely do not have to cook for yourself. You will learn how you can keep your eating very simple and easy. 

When you join only the group coaching program, you will have the opportunity to sign up for four weekly 15-minute accountability coaching sessions for an additional $97. Once the slots are taken, this offer will no longer be available. 

You do not have to start any new exercise program unless you choose to from the place of enjoyment and not about weight loss. 

I will not leave you hanging. At the end of the Group program, you will have an opportunity to join the WLFN membership so you can continue your progress with even more support and resources. This membership is a monthly program, and you can stop any time you choose. 

If you complete a 24hr plan every day, watch/attend all the weekly live training, complete the homework/worksheets, reached out for help and support and haven’t lost any weight then I will refund you the cost of the program.

If you have any additional questions that I have not answered, please send me an email at karen@karenschaible.com, and I’ll get back to you with an answer ASAP! 

You Can Lose Weight And Keep It Off


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