It’s Okay

That’s human nature- the ups and downs.- Jamie Gertz

Like all of you, I’ve had some worry, anxiety and concern come up with all the changes and situations happening right now because this isn’t the way I wanted things to be.

A couple of weeks ago, I flew from Canada to Dallas for Coach training, and when I got there, it was cancelled. I made the best of it, and in the end, there was some valuable training done in small groups by other coaches!

When I came back to Canada, I went on two weeks of isolation, and because of my travelling, my husband also had to be home.

With him being sent home, we had no idea if he was going to get paid, but the big one was, would he have a job to return to after the isolation was over.

The thought of, what if he had no job, then what? This thought created some worry and fear. 

I know there are so many people right now in that same place that we are, that uncertainty of what is going to happen.

I could have gone into a panic state like I have done in the past with all those ‘bad’ feelings I had, but what I have learnt is that being in a panic state won’t make it any better; it only makes it worse.

So instead of going into the downward spiral of doom and gloom, I allow myself to have those ‘bad’ feelings.

Yes, I allow myself to have them, to let them be there!

When you allow all your feelings, ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and be okay with them being there, that is how you get through any situation that comes up.

If you don’t allow them to be there, they will take a firm grip on you and send you into that panic state.

When you can allow yourself to feel the ‘bad,’ then you can start saying to yourself, yeah, I have worry and fear, but there are also some positives.

The real power comes from allowing a balance of the negative and the positive in our lives. The good and bad.

We have to feel all our feelings good and bad! To feel the happy, easy-going moments and the difficult, fearful moments.

And when we allow the balance of the good and the bad, the ups and downs, that is when we learn how to maneuver through anything that comes up for us.

This is life!

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