It Doesn’t Matter

How many times after you overate, you said to yourself, “It doesn’t matter?”

It might sound like it’s no big deal, but it is!

This comes up a lot of time when you are doing so well all week following your meal plan, and then the weekend comes.

You get into thinking, “I deserve a treat” or “One extra glass of wine won’t hurt,” you end up overeating or overdrinking, then tell yourself, “It doesn’t matter,” I’ll start over again on Monday.

Or when you step on the scale, and the number on the scale doesn’t go down, so instead of figuring out what could be the cause, you get frustrated and feel defeated. That number sends you to the freezer, grabbing that carton of ice cream, sitting watching Netflix and finishing the whole carton off because “it doesn’t matter,” “what’s the point in trying anymore.” 

Saying to yourself, “It doesn’t matter,” means you are doing the all or nothing method to lose weight. You are all in, and then you are not, instead of looking at the big picture.

Telling yourself “It doesn’t matter” is you trying to convince yourself that it’s ok, you trying to make yourself feel just a little better for eating what you did. It’s softening the blow of your self-judgement.

It feels harmless in the moment of saying it, but when we break our promise to ourselves of sticking to our meal plan and then end up eating a bag of chips, and thinking that everything you had done up until that point was all down the drain, you lost all your hard work, it didn’t matter anymore.

You spiral down and out of control, telling yourself, “Well, it doesn’t matter,” that’s you giving yourself permission to throw in the towel and do whatever you want from that point on.

The only thing saying, “It doesn’t matter,” does is to keep you from getting back on track and moving forward.”

My challenge to you is every time you eat off your plan, you overeat or have that extra glass of wine, tell yourself that “it does matter” and what you did is ok, there is nothing wrong.

When you can tell yourself that it is ok and that you did nothing wrong, you can get to work on figuring out what worked and what didn’t work to make a change for next time.

Maybe your meal plan is too restrictive.

Maybe you have a situation that has you feeling uncomfortable (stress, anxiety, overwhelm, frustration), leading you to overeat.

Maybe you don’t want to feel “left out” when it comes to going out with friends.

Never allow yourself to say, “It doesn’t matter.” What matters is that you are willing to figure it out.

Also, take a look at your expectations when it comes to losing weight?

If you are thinking that it is a straight line down to your goal weight that just might be setting yourself up for the “it doesn’t matter” thinking.

Your brain will tell you it doesn’t matter if you expect that you should not make mistakes, not to have ups and downs.

Ups and downs are part of losing weight, and it is what we learn along the way that makes all the difference in the world.

Remember that everything you do or don’t do matters, even when things don’t go right or when you make a mistake.

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Registered Nurse, Certified Weight and Emotional Eating  Coach

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