Is sugar a problem for you?

Is sugar a problem for you?

Do you get the urge to have those cookies, cakes, candy, soda?

If you are anything like my clients, they start coming to me having tried so hard to cut back on the sugar, especially all those sweets but haven’t been able to do it.

I hear them saying, “It is so difficult, I can’t seem to do it for very long, I always give in!”. They have been using resistance to try not to give in, but that doesn’t work for very long.

I’m excited to share with you that what you are going through is normal.  If you are anything like they are, you have most likely been eating sweets for a while now.

It is normal to give in because you have trained your brain to be this way.

Giving in is so normal, especially if you have been eating those sweets for a long time. You have trained your brain to desire those sweets and then have them- it is a learned behaviour!

Think about what you do when you have that desire for the cookie. Does it start with a thought of wanting it or do you only need to see it, and then the desire takes over? What do you do when you have that desire, you try to resist having it, but that only lasts for so long, and you give in and have it. Each time you have done this over the years, you have now wired your brain to get that sweet no matter what.

So no wonder it feels like sugar has control over you, your brain is making sure it is that way! Your brain does not like pain, wants pleasure and wants to have the easiest way possible.

So if you are trying to resist not having it, that feels painful your brain will work very hard to give you every reason and excuse that you need to have it- your brain is doing its job!

If you are wanting to stop or even decrease having sugar, you first need to start with having a strong reason why you want to stop in the first place. You’re “WHY” matters when your brain is working hard to convince you to have it. Your reason will help carry you through, not giving in. It will help you stay committed.

It may not be easy to cut back or stop the sugar, but it definitely can be done.

My clients are amazed that they have gone from over-desiring the sugar too, no longer have the desire anymore. You may think that isn’t possible for you, but I am here to tell you that yes it can happen!

I was once 100 pounds heavier and addicted to sugar. There was no way in the world that I could pass up on sweets or soda. However, by using the process, I now teach sugar no longer controls me. Yes, I eat sugar, but only if I plan to have it, I choose to have it. I have kept off the 100 pounds for ten years now and have the freedom to eat as much or as little sugar as I want. 

So I hear you asking how do you do it? Well, it is about finding you’re “WHY” you want to make the changes then learning how to rewire your brain to no longer have that desire. The process is what I teach in my 12-week program, “Unstuck your weight loss.”

Here are the steps to take to rewire your brain:

Step 1: Know you’re why

Step 2: Allow your urge instead of resisting.

The reason for this is that resisting feels hard, it takes top a lot of energy, and it feels tight in your body. Now think about how allowing an urge how it feels. It feels gentle; it is making a conscious decision even though it may feel uncomfortable but knowing that will go away. A feeling can not harm you.

Allowing is way easier to manage then resisting.

Step 3: Rewiring your response to the urge.

What you have to do now is be open to having the urge and not responding, not giving in. Each time you do this, you will rewire your brain so that you will start to have the desire then but not eat the sweet to the point of not having that desire at all.

Give this a try; it will take time and practice in following those steps but remember you can do it! 

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Don’t miss out. You can end this struggle.




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