If you are feeling anxious, you need to see this

Do you ever feel anxious?

Yup, that was my feeling this morning. I woke up feeling anxious, and this is something I have not felt in a long time.

I know the anxiety was coming from my thinking about everything I wanted to get done in my business and how I was going to do all of it and also look after my Granddaughter for the next three days.

My routine was changed; I used to have the days to myself to get work done and now a few days a week, I look after my Granddaughter, and I know for many people right now, their routines have also changed.

With what I know now,  I had to allow the anxiety I was feeling to be there instead of wishing it away.

I sat on the couch and felt the heaviness in my chest, and acknowledged it for being there.

I then moved from acknowledging it to allowing it to be there.

It was about processing it instead of holding it down because if I don’t process it, it will eventually pop up and explode- that’s how I had panic attacks in the past.

Processing is about letting that feeling be there and making peace with having it. It is NOT about denying, avoiding or pretending it is not there.

Making peace with it is about you being loving, kind and gentle to yourself with having that anxious feeling.

When you make peace with having it, that is when you can take action that will move you forward.

The feeling may not entirely go away, and that’s ok because it is all about it not taking control over you that you end up feeling helpless and debilitated by it.

If that feeling is still hanging on, carry it on your shoulder like you do your purse. Meaning it is there, it is a part of you today, and that’s ok. 

I also have learnt that it is about giving equal air time to the anxious feeling and another feeling that will have me feeling better.

I choose my feel better feeling to be determination.

When I feel determined, I take different actions, then when I am feeling anxious.

Determination has me open to figuring out how to get done what I need to do while I am looking after my Granddaughter.

The other part is that by allowing the anxiety to be there 50% of the time and not putting my energy in fighting against it, the anxiety eased up, and I got work done!

When you learn how to manage your anxiety instead of trying to make it go away, that is when you take your power back.

Doing this will stop the spiral down to the bottom of the ‘do nothing but eat pile’ and instead have you being able to focus on what you can do right now at this moment to move you forward in what you get done.

I am so grateful that I have learnt to manage my mind so that I can provide the tools and support to women to end the struggle with food and their weight and to come out stronger.

If I could show you how to lose weight forever with a whole new approach so that you can reach your goal weight and finally create a life you love, would you want to chat? If so, click on the link here to schedule a free call. 

You are worth it, Hugs!


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