How your thoughts about YOU affect you losing weight.

What do you think when you think about yourself, and why would it matter in losing weight?

How you see yourself affects what you will do and the results that you will get in your life. What you create in your life comes from what we think, so to change our results (losing weight), we have to first start with the thoughts we are having.

Did you know who you think you are is entirely up to you and is changeable if you want that? You get to define yourself by choosing what thoughts to think about yourself.

No matter what other people say or think about you, it doesn’t define you.

You are only defined by how you think about yourself!

Start to uncover the thoughts you are currently having about who you are and how you are defined. What you will find out is there are many hidden “truths” that you have believed about yourself, and they are optional!

For example:

“I’m not very confident.”

“I have a harder time losing weight than others.”

If these are some of your beliefs, they will stop you from making the changes you desire. This is because the more you believe them, the more evidence you will have or find for them, and thus the more you believe them. This terrible cycle keeps you proving your beliefs true and that where all your actions or inactions will come from, so how could you ever get any different results.

What I want you to know is that these are just thoughts, just sentences in your mind, and it is all your choice what you want to believe or not. So if you get to believe what you want, why not believe something positive and fantastic about yourself!

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t change how you see yourself so you can be and do exactly what you want. It all comes down to becoming aware of all your thoughts, your beliefs so that you can change them to feel different and take action differently.

Life isn’t’ something that just is. Life is what you create in your mind. So how you think your life is, is how your life is. This is why so many people can be born with the exact same circumstance and have such different lives.

You have a choice to look around you and create more of what you already have, or you decide on purpose what you want and then go and create that!

Here are some questions to ask yourself to find out what your thoughts are about you…

Look in the mirror. Ask yourself, what thoughts do I think about myself?
What do I think about my body?

Who am I?

On a scale of 1-10, I believe I’m a ____ because I think I’m ____.

What thoughts do I think about myself, based on how others see me?

What thoughts do I think about my abilities?

Based on what I’ve been told, the thoughts I think about myself are: ____.

What do I think about myself compared to others?

Do I like, love or hate myself? Why?

What do I think about my accomplishments?

What do I think about my personality?

What do I think about my weaknesses?

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