How to succeed in losing weight

To succeed with weight loss, you have to have the mindset that you are always learning and evaluating.

When you step on the scale, and the number doesn’t move or goes up, you don’t give up saying, “but I did all the right things!”

This thought, “I am doing everything right,” is not helpful at all. That thought is sabotaging you.

Why? Because that thought creates the feeling of defeat, and from that feeling, you won’t be open to being curious.

Why do you need to be curious? So that you can explore what you can change or even level up.

A thought my clients are willing to allow is, “Here’s what I know, here are the things I did do this week.”

When we have the thought of “Here’s what I did do,” then it is about taking an honest look at everything you are doing, which means looking at your 24 hr plans.

-Did you have a 2nd helping at all this week?

-Did you end up on the couch eating Oreo’s after a hard day?

-Did you have a 2nd or even 3rd glass of wine in the evening?

-Did you pick at the food while you were preparing it?

-Did you clean off your kid’s plate?

It is all about going back and taking an honest look- what did work, what didn’t work so that you can figure out what to do differently.

The most important part of losing weight is teaching your brain to go from, “but I am doing everything right” to “Let me take a look”- have your brain go to evaluating!

Yes, you can stick with being upset with the scale going up and thinking you are doing things all right, but that won’t change a thing. Being upset with the number on the scale does nothing! But what you can do instead is look at that number on the scale as feedback.

Feedback on- did you overeat or are you having hormones going on so that you have to be patient.

So stop the self-sabotage! Start facing the thoughts you are having because it is the thoughts you are not facing that you are reacting to. And when you face your thoughts, you can choose to shift them.

I work with my clients on finding those thoughts that have them self sabotaging, so they lose the weight for the last time. The mental game is truly the key to losing weight.

If you wanting to end the self-sabotage and have the freedom of no longer being controlled by the scale then now is the time.

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You are worth it!


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