How to stop the All or Nothing when it comes to weight loss

Were you all in on January first with losing weight?

I know for myself and my clients, we all went through that where we thought we had the “magic” diet that was finally going to have us losing the weight. We got the gym membership and committed to working out or committed to getting out and walking every day and then life happened!

So it’s March already and that All or Nothing place is where you find yourself. First, you were all in, then life happened, and now you are doing nothing or hardly anything to have you on the road to losing weight.

So let go of that All or Nothing way of living and let’s start all over again, but this time you are going to start small.

Many of my clients that come to me are women who run a successful business or have a career that they are successful in. They have built that successful business or career by taking the small steps that eventually lead them to being successful, but when it comes to weight loss they are looking for a quick fix.

Well quick fixes or in other words, diets don’t work. Yes, they work for a short period of time, but they don’t work on you changing what has kept you stuck in the yo-yo dieting cycle. You can’t have permanent weight loss if you don’t take the time to take the small steps in making the changes.

Weight loss is just like building a business. You don’t have a successful business with doing everything and then doing nothing, so why would we think weight loss is any different.

Start with focusing on the small daily steps you can take, not just following a diet that tells you what and how much to eat. Losing weight is so much more than food and exercise; it is the small changes that we make along the way that add up to achieving permanent weight loss.

One exercise that I have my clients do is make a list of all the characteristics of the type of person that will get them to their goal weight.

Would that person drown their sorrows in the ice cream, cookies, burgers and fries after a long hard day at work, or would they decide to feel whatever feeling comes up knowing that they can handle anything?

So, picture yourself one year from now the person who has met her weight loss goal. Think about what she is saying to herself today? What is she feeling? What actions is she taking? Who have you become? What have you created? Identify what your future self would say to yourself now? How your future self would feel?

If you were already at your goal weight, what would you tell yourself now? Act as if you have already lost the weight. Think about this as your imagined self giving you advice and support.

Why this exercise is so powerful in losing weight is it is about making decisions from the future, being future-focused instead of past focused.

So let go of the All or Nothing thinking and start with being future-focused and from that place taking the small steps to get there!

If you are ready to reach that dream goal of yours but continue to struggle, then please reach out to me, and I can help you because I understand what you are going through. I struggled with food and my weight for over 20 plus years until I learnt what it takes to lose the weight for good. That is how I lost 100 pounds and have kept it off for over ten years now.

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You are worth it!


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