3 Steps To Overcoming Overwhelm

Do you find yourself stuck in overwhelm?

The definition of Overwhelm is “bury or drown beneath a huge mass.”

What happens when you are overwhelmed? 

When we feel overwhelmed many times, we feel like we can’t figure out what to do; it can be debilitating. It fuels inaction! 

But there is good news there is a way to stop the overwhelm! 

There are 3 steps to overcoming overwhelm:

Step One
Being aware that overwhelm is just a feeling

So if it is a feeling, then know that it is ok to feel overwhelmed. You have to allow yourself to feel it because its’s there.

In the moment when you feel overwhelmed, you have to allow it to be there because if we fight against it or resist it, that actually makes it so much worse. That is when you spiral right down.

What I teach my clients is to sit with it, allow it to be there. It is about feeling where it is in your body because it is a feeling, and feelings are only vibrations in our body created from our thoughts.

So how do you feel when you feel overwhelmed. 

For me, I feel antsy inside my body. It feels so uncomfortable; it sits like a very heavy lead weight right in the middle of my chest. When I close my eyes, it is black, dark.

What I want you to do is describe where it is in your body, does it move around, how does it feel, what color is it, what is the intensity- close your eyes and feel it! 

When you allow yourself to feel that overwhelming feeling, it will slowly decrease. I’m not telling you that it will go away entirely, but it will decrease.

If the overwhelm is still there, then I want you to think of it as you carrying a purse around on your shoulder but inside the purse, you put that feeling of overwhelm. You treat it like it is not a big deal; it’s just going to come along for the ride.

Having the feeling of overwhelm is not wrong or bad because it is just a feeling.

Once you allow that feeling to be there, it’s time to focus on moving to the next step. 


When I go through the first 2 steps working through the overwhelm, I know for me many times it still lingers, but I tell myself that’s ok! It’s time to take action!

How you take action is you take a look at your list and decide to pick one thing that you will do! 
The trick is you can feel a little overwhelmed and get something done!

So when it comes to weight loss, here are the 4 basics:
-24 hr planning and assessment
-Hunger and Fullness

I have them pick ONE thing they will work on for the week because that one thing done consistently is the secret sauce!

We are programmed into the All or Nothing thinking because of all the diets we’ve been on- either we are doing it all or nothing.

So what I want you to see is just starting with one thing and letting go of needing to do it all is by feeling your brain “one thing will get me started” that is how you achieve your goal.

So give this a try and let me know how it goes and if you need help click here to book a FREE no obligation call where I can help you turn that overwhelm around so you can lose weight for the last time. 

You can do this! 
RN, Certified Weight, Emotional Eating and Confidence Coach
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