How to Recalculate your way to losing weight

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Do you have a goal, a destination with your weight loss journey?

Do you feel overwhelmed in knowing how to get to the destination, saying to yourself, “I don’t know how to do it?”

Do you feel that where you want to be feels impossible? I can relate to this. This is exactly how I felt every time I had the goal of losing 100 pounds. I felt so frustrated and then in the end never stuck to my diet long enough to lose all the weight. I thought there was something wrong with me.

I work with women to assist them on their path to get them from where they are right now (Point A) to where they want to be (Point B).

I hear you saying, “but how do I do it as there is always something that comes up to derail me?” What if you thought of your journey in weight loss like using a GPS?

What do you do when you get in your car and set the GPS to your destination? You start following the instructions, but if you take a wrong turn, do you give up? Do you stop the car and say, “ok I am done I made a wrong turn, so I can’t continue.” Do you think “now what,” “how am I ever going to figure it out? or that “there is something wrong with me?”

No, when you are following the instructions from the GPS, and you take a wrong turn, it gently guides you back in the right direction. You hear the GPS saying “recalculate” as it is redirecting you back on your path. There is no judgement.

Relate the GPS in the car to the GPS of your weight loss journey. You first have to determine your starting point and then get clear on where your goal, your destination will be — now being the journey.

The journey takes you through four steps. These four steps are what I have learned from listening to Brendon Burchard. The four steps include: Awareness, Acceptance, Accountability and Action. Let’s break them down.


Awareness is the starting point in your journey. With losing weight, this is where you become more conscious of what you are eating right now at this moment. If you are not aware of this, you are living in denial. You can not change anything that you are not aware of. Where did you go off track in following your eating plan? Just notice this and remember the GPS doesn’t judge. The GPS just recalculates and redirects you back on your path. It is all about evaluating your thoughts, feelings, habits and also being aware if you are being too hard on yourself. Every significant change begins with awareness.


Acceptance is where most people get stuck because if you don’t like what you have done, you avoid it. Avoidance is “I don’t want to deal with it,” acceptance says, “I accept it, and I will deal with it.” Start with accepting yourself because you are a work in progress. This is also the point where you own where you have “turned off your path,” meaning where you went off your plan and that you are ready to learn to let go of what you did. If we can accept where we went off track, we can then allow the GPS to recalculate and redirect us back on our path to the goal, the destination. Where we are at this point, we consciously decide to get on the next road ahead. 


Are you ready to own your reality? Accountability is about being responsible for where you are at, what choices you made so that you can decide what next step you want to make. You don’t hear the GPS blaming anyone, even you, it is just what it is and putting the focus on what road to take next. It is all about making decisions ahead of time and then fully committing to it. When it comes to your food plan, it is planning 24 hours in advance and then writing it down. Accountable people don’t beat themselves up.


Action is about following through. Each time you make a plan, and you follow through on it, you will show yourself that you can be dependable. You see that what you set out as your goal, your destination can be reached. This gives you the momentum to keep on going.

In the process of your weight loss journey, you will have times where things don’t go as planned. As your coach, just like the GPS I guide you in redirecting yourself back on track.

Each time we recalculate, it takes us back to awareness, which helps us get clearer and clearer in how to get to our goal. You never go back to the exact starting point you began at; you will always be one more step closer to your goal.

Did you know that there are many paths to your goal? Do you agree there is no one right way, and if you continue to take the next path it will get you to your goal? The only thing you can’t do is give up.

I would love to help you reach your goal with your weight loss. If you are ready to take this step set up for a Free mini session here.



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