How to not gain the weight back

How many times have you lost weight only to gain it back again?

Why can we hit our goal weight but then gain it all back again, and even more?

It’s not because we don’t know what to eat or how much to eat because we are eating everything the diet is telling us to. 

What happens is that we lost weight by “dieting” and not by learning how we can eat for the rest of our life.

Or we have not changed the habits we have that have kept us stuck in the diet-overeating cycle.

We are so focused on that magic number that we rely on all our willpower to hold onto so that we can follow the diet to get to our goal weight, but we haven’t changed the reason why we overeat in the first place.

We think that by getting to that goal weight we won’t overeat anymore, but how do we think the overeating is going change if we have not done the work on changing our habits along the way.

Are you great at eating what is on your diet, but then you have a stressful day and later overeat? Following that diet does not equip you for what comes up in your life.

Or are you following that diet having to cut out all your favourite foods but feel deprived or restricted? Doing this will have you end up overeating on your favorite foods once you start eating them again. The diet didn’t teach you how to have your favorite foods and not overeat on them.

Can you see yourself eating this way for the rest of your life?

Or do you wonder how to eat now that you hit your goal?

I sure didn’t. I was great at getting to goal weight, but then what was I supposed to do once I got there because “there was no way I was going to eat that plain and boring food for the rest of my life.”

If you are like my clients, they had hit their goal, and then their thoughts were “I can’t eat like this forever,” “I don’t want to eat like this forever.” They feel deprived and restricted, especially when their thoughts go to “I can’t have my favourite foods.”

Before they started working with me, this had them struggling to keep the weight off.  They had not worked on the self-sabotaging habits along the way, so no wonder they ended up gaining their weight back.

You have to first work on the underlying reasons that have led you to gaining the weight back. If you don’t change how you have always done things, what you are doing is only going to be a short term solution, and that is why you stay stuck in yo-yo dieting.

Think about someone that has a messy house or room. I know for me I watched my daughter clean her room only for the next day, it to be a disaster again.

Think about her messy room. She can clean it all she wants today, but it never will stay clean because she didn’t change her habits that lead up to it being messy. The next day she ends up being right back where she started, having a messy room. No matter how bad she wanted to have a clean room, and no matter how much motivation she had in wanting to have it because she continued doing what she always had done, nothing changed.

This is exactly the same as losing weight. I know for me I wanted to lose the 100 pounds, I had the motivation to do it. I would go on a diet, lose weight but gain it back. I would then find another diet, lose the weight and gain it back.

Actually, I did Weight Watchers three times, got to my goal weight each time and gained it back every time. WHY? It was because I was doing the same thing over and over, and it was not about finding the magic diet to follow, it was about needing to work on the reason why I couldn’t keep it off, working on what habits were keeping me stuck in gaining it all back yet again.

Following a diet is only about the end goal; it does not address the cause of why you have continued to struggle and gain the weight back. If diets worked, all of us that have been on a diet would have lost the weight and kept it off!

Are you ready to start working on what has been keeping you stuck in this crazy yo-yo dieting cycle? When I found someone to work with, that was when everything changed for me — doing it alone didn’t work because I had no idea what I had to work on to change.

Just imagine having the freedom of no longer thinking about food and your weight. It can happen because it has happened to myself and all my clients!

Do you need help and support learning how to lose the weight but most importantly never gain it back again? I know I couldn’t do it alone, how could I, I knew no other way. So if you are ready to have freedom with food and your weight then click here to book a free strategy call to see if my program is a good fit for you.

You are worth it!


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