How I stayed at an all-inclusive and did NOT gain weight!

Could you imagine going to an all-inclusive resort for a week and not gain weight?

Many people, because of the all you can eat and drink going on, come home gaining weight.

For me, in the past, I would gain at least 10 pounds.

Guess what, now when I go on an all inclusive vacation, I don’t gain anything, and that is precisely what happened to me last week.

I was away in the Dominican Republic on a lady’s trip, and it was so much fun! The resort was amazing and being with my friend was a blast!  The resort had three buffets and six different al a carte restaurants to eat at.

I remember before losing 100 pounds and changing my relationship to food, walking into the buffet and seeing all the food.

My next step would be; walking around, putting one of everything on my plate because the temptation to try it all was so strong.  My thoughts were that, “Why not try it all I will never have a chance to have it again,,, especially the desserts! I don’t want to miss out on all that good tasty food!” So how could I not have it, right! 

So I sit down with that heaping plate of food, eating very quickly (I unconsciously ate, not even really tasting it) and then would be back up there having seconds!

I ate until I was so stuffed and couldn’t move.

When I look back, it felt I had no control over, not eating it all! The food had power over me!

The other part was that it wasn’t all about how much food I ate; it was how frequently I did eat when I was there.

There was food available every hour of the day, so I ate…







And don’t forget the fruity drinks throughout the day!

No wonder I gained weight! I overate! I did that because my excuses were stronger than me wanting not to gain weight.

Yes, all those things I told myself that had me eating a lot and frequently.

Some of my excuses were; “I am on vacation, so why not” or “everyone else is having it, so I might as well too.” “How could I sit there watching someone else eat that food and not me that’s too hard to do,” or “it’s there, so why not try it,” ” I am here to enjoy,” ” I will lose the weight when I get back,” I could go on and on with all the excuses that came up that had me eating way too much.

So how did I now go on this vacation and not gain weight?

Don’t get me wrong I ate whatever I wanted and yes even desserts and those fruity drinks too, but……

Before I left, I became very clear on my reason why I wanted to stay committed to eating what and how much that would not have me gaining weight. When my reason for not wanting to gain weight was stronger than my excuses, I then was able to  decide that any excuse that came up would not be a big enough reason to have me overeating!

With a strong reason why and a lot of thought work (becoming aware and working on any thought that came up that was an excuse), the vacation was now not all about the food. I was able to make the vacation about enjoying the company I was with and this amazing place I was staying at.

Yes, I did enjoy the food I choose to eat, but more importantly, I looked at the food as fuel. When I decided to put the focus on eating to fuel my body and not all about comfort and enjoyment, that was why I didn’t gain weight.

So are you super strong in your reason why you want to lose weight and keep it off?

If you do not have a strong enough reason why when you will feel pulled to eat whatever is in front of you, that looks good; you will eat it! That is because the idea of losing weight is not more important to you than the desire to have all that food.

That push-pull that goes on in our heads is normal to a point, but when you are half in and half out of wanting to lose weight, your old way of giving in and eating will always win!  Any excuse that comes up for you, you will use it to eat!

So no matter how much will power you try to use, deep down, if that desire to have the food is stronger, you will then have it. This happens because wanting food was more important than not gaining weight.

I know this may be hard to comprehend because it sure was for me back when I struggled with my weight, but remember, you don’t have to gain weight to have fun on a vacation because I did it!

Just imagine walking into the buffet and only taking what you know would feel good in your body? That is possible!

On this vacation, I tried different foods that I never had before, and every day I felt amazing, not being stuffed, bloated and gaining weight!

What do you want?

Do you want that feeling of every day that goes by on your vacation your bathing suit gets tighter and tighter?

Do you want to end up going back home needing to go on a detox to lose that vacation weight?

We put so much focus on the food; instead, we should be focusing on the company and the enjoyment in all that we do.

Trust me you will not feel like you are missing out when you commit to what is most important to you!


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