Here’s what to do instead of setting a New Year’s Resolution!

We set resolutions every year and end up breaking them even year.

Think about it, how many years in a row have you told yourself you would get healthier and lose the weight for the last time only to start the year no further ahead?

That was me for over 20+ years, so today, I’m coming in to help you end that cycle!


This year let’s start it off NOT by making a New Year’s resolution but setting your long-term goal AND then focusing only on the first 30 days.

When we focus on that big goal, it feels so overwhelming, which sets us up for quitting. 

When we set a goal for a shorter time, it doesn’t make it feel overwhelming, it feels doable!

Start with what goal you want to achieve in the next 30 days that you can commit to, and it has to be realistic. It has to be something you can see yourself sticking with.


For me, it sure was not going from eating crappy to perfect healthy eating because it was too extreme. The all or nothing mentality never works. It was me writing out my realistic 24-hr plans and then committing to them!


Once you have your goal, I want you to think about, “Who do I want to be throughout those 30 days?”

The “who do I want to be” is all about:

  • How will I show up for myself?
  • What will I be thinking?
  • How do I want to be feeling?
  • How will I treat myself?
  • Who do I want to be at the end of the 30 days?


Yes, Choose the number you want to reach at the end of the 30 days but then focus on who you want to be and become. 

Focusing on who you want to be is the key to reaching your goals and, more importantly, continuing to the next 30 days. 


I lost 100 lbs over 12 years ago, NOT because of a diet; it was me transforming myself on the inside to shift the outer me.

You also need to focus on how you can enjoy the next 30 days instead of wishing that losing weight would be easier or faster.

The wishing it was easier or faster actually makes it harder and sets you up to quit and for the weight to come back on.


I want you to think about all that you can learn along the way in those 30 days. 

 -What worked for you?

-What did not work for you?

-Why did you do what you did?

-What can you change so that you will do things differently next time?

-How can you level up what you are eating?

-How can you care for yourself more?

-What do you need to think and feel?

-What thought can you have that when it gets difficult, you can anchor in on?

The biggest thing that you need to do is to allow yourself to fail! Because if you are not willing to accept failure, you will not learn and grow.


Give this a try and see how it goes. If this is something you know you need help with then, book a FREE call with me here. Be prepared to spend an hour with me. At the end of that hour, you will have your 30-day action plan to get you started to achieve your long term goal. 


Hugs, and here is to a fantastic year!


RN, Certified Weight, Emotional Eating and Confidence Coach

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