Doing weight loss
the right way!


A 12-week experience for BUSY NURSES who are ready to finally lose the weight that’s weighing them down mentally, physically and emotionally.

Don’t let food and your weight control your life!

Doing weight loss
the right way!

When you overcome this one obstacle, you can finally enjoy your job, life and lose weight for good, and I’ll show you how!

Karen-Schaible weight loss coach

I see you!

I’m here to tell you that there is another way to lose weight. It’s not your fault that you continue to struggle, you have not been shown what your core beliefs and mindset is that dictates what you do and what you don’t do. 

I’ll help you bridge the gap between what you know and what to do, not by giving you more food rules that have you restricting foods instead,, I will give you the tools and strategies to help heal your relationship with food and your body so that you can feel good NOW! And this method takes into account your busy life as a Nurse.

I understand what it’s like to be a busy stressed-out nurse, not knowing how to stop failing at the diets because of how my day went. 

This is why I’m committed to helping nurses to redefine their relationship with food, end the cycle of emotional eating and lose weight for the last time WITHOUT feeling deprived, counting calories or points or overexercising so that you can create a healthy lifestyle, one that allow you to feel your best and give your best to your patients and the ones you love. 

This is what makes my approach different than anything else you have tried before. My specialty is helping you to understand how being busy and stressed is creating your weight loss struggle.

Working with Karen has been such a great experience.  Her 24 Hour Planning and all the other tools she’s given me has really helped me to get out of my head.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with dieting, always thinking about it.  What I’ve learned working with Karen is that this way of thinking has helped me to clear my mental head space so that I can focus on living, not just worrying about what I’m going to be eating later.  It’s given me some peace and freedom and taken back control. 

Thank you again Karen. 

Deanna Logan

Most nurses think losing weight is hard and they believe they can’t lose weight because…

-They have to spend too much time worrying about the number of calories or points in everything they eat.

-They don’t have more willpower to get control over food

-They need to have life all in order, calm and under control in order to get started

-They are addicted to sugar

-Their cravings for their favorite foods have too much control over them especially after a busy, stressful day.

-Don’t have enough motivation.

I’m here to tell you- You DON’T- In fact most of those things is what is keeping you from losing and keeping it off 

What If I told you you could lose the weight you’ve been carrying for years for the last time ever and finally start loving the body you’re in? 


Because the truth is you can!

-You can eat what you want and enjoy eating more than you ever have without overeating or feeling guilty about your choices

-You can manage your emotions in a healthy way instead of eating to avoid the feelings you are having.

-You can know how to stay motivated to honor your commitments to yourself so that you make permanent changes.

 And that’s exactly what I’m here to  help you do

You’ll learn how to no longer quit so that you can get to your weight goal AND keep it off.

INTRODUCING Weight Loss For Nurses Group Progam

A 12 week experience for busy nurses to finally lose the weight that’s weighing them down mentally, physically and emotionally. As long as food and weight rule your life, then you actually don’t have a life.

I have been on a diet since 4th grade.... I'm 47. I have literally been on every diet in the world, but nothing worked because my thoughts (and therefore actions) didn't change. Karen has helped me with all of this. She has helped me make the connection between my thought distortions and my actions. She has helped me realize that when I change my thoughts/my actions change. Karen has also helped me realize that this change is not a quick fix, but every day I am doing better because I am changing. She is SO understanding because she has had weight struggles in her life and has, in time, overcome her negative thoughts and behaviors. I have been in therapy before, but Karen has been the most helpful because of her approach, knowledge and empathy. After each session, I ALWAYS felt better about myself! I always felt a renewed hope and energy because I was filled with her wisdom that gave me the tools to change. I am SO incredibly grateful that Karen came into my life. I know that I have a life-long coach and mentor in her, and I know that she will help me change! - Katie Reap

If you want freedom from dieting and emotional eating, the WLFN Program is for you! The one program that is designed just for Nurses that helps you stop the yo-yo dieting and emotional eating by showing you exactly what to do to lose weight by giving you all the tools you need…

Introducing WLFN Group Program (Weight Loss For Nurses)

Option A: Group Coaching Program 

Most affordable option.

Best for those who are self-motivated and don’t need one-on-one coaching

$675 pay in full (As this is a pilot group, this price will be increased with the next group)

$250 a month for 3 months.

A twelve-week program designed with everything you need to achieve long-term weight loss. It includes:

-12 weeks of teachings with worksheets (ability to download and be reused). The calls weill be on Tuesdays starting Feb 22nd at 8 am PST/11 pm EST.

-12 weeks of unlimited coaching support in the Facebook group

-2 LIVE group training calls per week on Zoom where you can get your questions answered. Replays will be available if you are unable to make it LIVE.

-Group support, encouragement and accountability inside the private Facebook group.

-Flexible food support. No restrictive meal plans. I help you create a custom food protocol that works for you and your individual lifestyle. When you schedule or life changes, it’s easy to adapt. 

Option B: Group Coaching Program PLUS Individual Coaching

Best for those who desire personalized one-on-one coaching & accountability

$1799 pay in full (There is a payment plan available if needed)

-Includes everything in the group program PLUS:

-Weekly individual coaching sessions (time and day to be determined)

-Ability to send private chat messages on VOXER to Karen anytime

**Availability for individual sessions is limited and subject to pre approval so please CLICK HERE to book your call to get started.


If you’ve completed the program requirements, done all the work and showed up and reached out when needing help but haven’t lost weight, I’ll refund you the cost of the course. 




You deserve to be at your goal weight, but what you are doing, your old way, is not working. It keeps you yo-yo dieting going from feeling restricted and deprived to frustrated and feeling like you’re a failure- that something is wrong with you that you can’t figure this weight loss thing out!

If you are at the point where you know there has to be another way but don’t know what it is, then I GOT YOU! 

I’ve been right where you are now.

Hi, I'm Karen Schaible

Former Nurse and Advanced Weight and Life Coach and I lost 100 pounds and kept it off for the past 13  years….after struggling for almost 30 years to lose weight

I was either on a diet, restricting or depriving myself or eating everything I wasn’t supposed to be eating. I also was a pro at beating myself up because I thought that was what I needed to do to get me to lose weight.


I spent 30 years spending so much mental energy consumed thoughts of food and my weight. Investing so much time and energy trying to lose weight so then I would be happy, and things would be better. I missed out on so much in life! It was so exhausting! 


It wasn’t until the age of 42 that everything changed for me. I hit rock bottom.


I had all that extra weight on my body, but what affected me the most was that I was so stressed, depressed, overwhelmed, anxious, unhappy, too busy caring for everyone except myself and felt like something was wrong with me.


I couldn’t understand how to stop all of that, so I kept falling off the wagon, having to restart yet again. 


I remember saying to myself, “I can’t live like this anymore; I have to do something about it,” and that was when I finally invested in support to help me get to the ROOT of my weight loss struggles. 


I learned that I didn’t need another diet telling me what to eat because I already knew that.


I learned thatI was struggling because of all that was going on with my mindset, my thoughts and beliefs as well as how to change all these habits that had me overeating. 


After 30 years I was able to do what I thought was impossible… I lost 100 lbs and have kept it off for over 13 years! And the craziest part is it wasn’t because of some diet or exercise plan.. It was because I finally understood what was REALLY holding me back and started working on that!


I created a life that I had dreamed of and feel healthier and happier than I ever have before. 


Now, I’m on a mission to help busy nurses like you achieve permanent weight loss too.


If you are ready and willing to get the tools and support from someone who knows exactly what is holding you back, then why not get help from the best… AND that’s me and my program

What I will teach you in the program is what I used to lose 100 lbs and what my clients are having success with. With the right method weight loss can be simple, easy,  doable and sustainable. It’s time that you start enjoying your job and life!

It's A Simple Method....

If you are:

Ready to be free from constantly thinking about food, feeling controlled by food and the scale,


Ready and committed to learn what does work to lose weight and live your best life, then the WLFN Group Program is for you! 


If you are unsure about joining or have some questions, click the button below to book a Free Discovery call. 


If any of the above resonates with you, then the WLFN group is your opportunity to learn how to have a naturally healthy relationship with food and whatever happens at your job or in your life does not affect how you eat or how you think and feel about yourself!

This program is for you if you …

  • Are a busy nurse and the “diets’ you’ve tried don’t fit your schedule
  • Are ready to break the habit of giving in to cravings and temptations.
  • Want to create a daily food plan that takes into account your lifestyle and one that you can follow
  • You want to feel confident and in control of your cravings and temptations despite having a crazy day.
  • Want more time and energy because food and weight no longer consumes you.
  • Want to enjoy normal portions of the food you love, without going overboard. 
  • Are ready to feel like you have control over food, not food controlling you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

The weekly training calls are no longer than one hour long. There will be 2 calls a week. You pick one or both. How long you spend on the worksheets varies from person to person. 

This program is different because it caters to your work and life schedule by helping you to manage your mind. When you learn how to manage your mind, you will have a better grasp of all your obligations to make the best decisions that are right for you. 

You definitely do not have to cook for yourself. You will learn how you can keep your eating very simple and easy. 

When you join only the group coaching program, you will have the opportunity to sign up for four weekly 15-minute accountability coaching sessions for an additional $97. Once the slots are taken, this offer will no longer be available. 

You do not have to start any new exercise program unless you choose to from the place of enjoyment and not about weight loss. 

I will not leave you hanging. At the end of the Group program, you will have an opportunity to join the WLFN membership so you can continue your progress with even more support and resources. This membership is a monthly program, and you can stop any time you choose. 

If you complete a 24hr plan every day, watch/attend all the weekly live training, complete the homework/worksheets and haven’t lost any weight then I will refund you the cost of the program up to $675. 

If you have any additional questions that I have not answered, please send me an email at, and I’ll get back to you with an answer ASAP! 

You Can Lose Weight And Keep It Off


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