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For Nurses Who Are Ready To Lose Weight For Good!

Learn the strategies of how to end the Yo-Yo dieting cycle and reclaim your power with food to achieve permanent weight loss!

Join us on June 9th
9:00 am PT/12:00 pm EST

(If you can’t attend live, the replay will be available for a limited time.)

Nurses, it’s not your fault you’re struggling! 
You have not been taught how to manage your busy, stressful life in a way that does not drive you to overeat or fall off the wagon. 

If you are a Nurse and...

😔 And all the cookie-cutter diets you’ve tried have not worked because you want to eat the food you love and not feel guilty or deprived. , but you don’t know what else to do.

😔 You just can’t figure out how to stick with eating healthy around your busy work schedule that has you feeling so physically and mentally exhausted.

😔 You are so tired of feeling shame and embarrassment when you look in the mirror because you know that only leads to eating more.

😔 You know that giving in to the tub of ice cream is the thing that’s keeping you stuck.

😔 You know there has to be another way and you are ready to make changes. 

If you are ready to discover the tools and strategies that actually help busy Nurses gain freedom around food to lose weight in a sustainable way, then this Bootcamp is for you! 

Inside The Bootcamp You Will Learn:

✅ Learn how to break the #1 overlooked habit that you as a Nurse do every day that’s sabotaging your weight loss and preventing you from reaching your goal.

✅ How to break the yo-yo dieting with ONE proven system that any nurse can do in as little as 10 minutes a day.

✅ The CPR method designed to combat stress eating and drop the habit for good so you can regain control of food instead of food controlling you

What Nurses Are Saying About Karen!

“For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with dieting, always thinking about it. What I’ve learned working with Karen is that this way of thinking has helped me to clear my mental head space so that I can focus on living, not just worrying about what I’m going to be eating later. It’s given me some peace and freedom and take back control.  

Thank you again Karen.”- Susan

“I always knew how to lose weight and gain it back. Karen has helped me change how I see food so it’s easier to make better choices without bingeing or starving!”- Emi

“Karen has helped me make the connection between my thought distortions and my actions. She is SO understanding because she has had weight struggles in her life and has, in time, overcome her negative thoughts and behaviors. I have been in therapy before, but Karen has been the most helpful because of her approach, knowledge and empathy. After each session, I ALWAYS felt better about myself! I always felt a renewed hope and energy because I was filled with her wisdom that gave me the tools to change. I am SO incredibly grateful that Karen came into my life. I know that I have a life-long coach and mentor in her, and I know that she will help me change!- Kathy

You Can Lose Weight And Keep It Off


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