Feel that feeling

You are saying to yourself:

“What is wrong with me?”

 “Why can’t I just stop eating?”

I know you hate thinking and feeling this way.

I know you think all you need is willpower.

But…. I would love to know… How do you FEEL when you overeat / binge eat?

Chances are the only feeling you are having is feeling good in that moment you are eating.

Did you know that you actually are avoiding the feeling. That feeling that is there deep down, you are unconsciously trying to avoid, deny or numb out with food is uncomfortable, so instead of allowing yourself to have that feeling, you turn to food to make that uncomfortable feeling go away. The thing is you may feel or even think in that moment while you are eating that all is good, no more feeling uncomfortable but give it time. After a few minutes you feel so uncomfortable with all that you ate and you are beating yourself up. That initial feeling is still there to deal with!

So when I finally realized this and was willing to live with that uncomfortable feeling, it no longer led me to food to feel better and I was no longer controlled by food!

The message I want you to have is, when you have that irresistible urge to eat because of that stressful day at work or how tired you feel after a long day, to stop and feel what is there that is inside of you.


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