Ep #8 How your thoughts and feelings create your results

Welcome to episode #8 of the podcast! Today I will first review the TFA Model that I introduced in Episodes six and seven. One of the main goals of my podcast is to help you become an expert at applying this model so you can end the stress and busyness that has been sabotaging your weight loss.

The Thought-Feeling-Action (TFA) Model is an incredible tool to show you how what you are thinking creates all the results you have in your life and then how you can shift your thinking to achieve your weight loss goals!

In this episode, I will be talking about feelings or emotions. What they are and how they affect your actions, inactions or reactions that have you struggling with losing weight.

I will show you how it is not your Circumstance that needs changing, as you have no control over this, but your thoughts about your Circumstance. It’s time to take your power back so that you can enjoy your job, life and lose weight for good!

In today’s episode, you’ll learn:
-An overview of the TFA Model
-What feelings really are.
-Why people turn to food when they have negative emotions.
-How you don’t have to have the situation changed to get the results you want.



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