Ep #7 Your circumstance isn’t the problem.

Welcome to episode seven of the podcast! I hope you have enjoyed the first six episodes and are excited to join me in ending the BS Cycle- the busy and stress sabotaging your weight loss.

Today, I will talk to you about why it is important to understand the difference between circumstances and thoughts because many of us think that our thoughts ARE the circumstance.

I’ll show you that feeling stressed, busy, frustrated or overwhelmed comes from what you are thinking, not from the circumstance?

I go more in-depth into the TFA Model I introduced to you in episode six so that you can become an expert at using the model so that you can enjoy your job, life and lose weight for good!


In today’s episode, you’ll learn:
-The vital difference between a circumstance and a thought.
-Why so many of us think it is our circumstances that are the problem.
-How nothing and nobody in your life has to change to get the results you want.
-How all our thoughts drive our actions, not our circumstances.
-How to get clear on it is a thought, or is it a circumstance so you can create a different outcome.



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