Ep #66 Having your own back

What does it mean to have your own back, and why is it important?

Let’s start with what it looks like for someone else to have our back.

When a friend has our back, it means that no matter what’s happening, we can count on them to be there for us in a kind, compassionate and supportive way. They will be there for us and on our side.

You hear them tell you, “I’ve got you,” “I am here for you!” and “You can count on me.”

So having your own back means you treat yourself exactly like your friend would treat you and the way you would treat her.

It is you being there for you, no matter what. There is no beating yourself up for the decisions you make because you trust that you are making the best decisions at that moment, and there is no such thing as a failure, only learning and growing from what happened.

But most of us have never been trained to have our own back; instead, we’ve been taught that to get ourselves to do something or not do something, we have to beat ourselves up.

It’s crazy that we have come to believe that beating ourselves up is how we look after ourselves, but it is not!

Having your own back is not natural to you right now because you don’t know any other way. So having your back starts with having self-compassion for yourself for where you are right now and then putting into practice the skill of training your brain to believe in yourself, trust yourself and know that anything is possible for you in your life!

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🔥 You’ll discover why you don’t have your own back and what to do to start taking care of yourself and being your own best friend.

Don’t forget; you are worth it!


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