Ep #65 The number one belief sabotaging you around food

You’ve tried all the diets, and you know what to eat, yet you find yourself overeating time and time again. 

You’re at a loss for why you can’t stop giving in to the food that’s not on your diet plan. 

You’re feeling so frustrated and wonder that there must be something wrong with you, Asking yourself, “why do I want the chips so bad, and why can’t I stop myself?!”

I’m sure you’re thinking that if only you had more willpower or discipline, you would be able to stop yourself from giving in because, isn’t that what you have been made to believe?

Isn’t it more willpower and discipline you need to stop yourself from grabbing the chips when you step into the kitchen after work when your brain is consumed with thoughts of everything that went on and how:


You didn’t do a good enough job 


You are not a good enough nurse


You could have done a better job


If this is you, thinking you just lack willpower and discipline, I get it. 

But what if it’s not that you lack willpower or discipline? 

What if in that moment when the desire for the chips is so intense, it’s because you have never been shown that you are craving those chips because eating them is your way of distracting yourself from what is really going on inside of you? 

All those diets you have tried have not worked long term to stop your overeating because they do not help you see and understand WHY you want the chips so badly.

In this week’s episode, I’ll show you the number one belief I see going on inside my clients and that you may also have that if you have it, it will sabotage you around food. 

This belief shows up in many areas of our lives, leads to our desire for food, and sends us overeating.

🔥 If you are ready to find out the belief that is holding you back from ending your overeating, you will want to listen to this week’s episode, Episode #65: The number one belief sabotaging you around food on Weight Loss For Nurses.

Don’t forget; you are worth it!


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