Ep #63 Enjoying the holiday season without overindulging

The biggest mistake most people make is thinking they can’t stop overeating during the holiday season. 

And I get it. Everyone says that the holidays are the time for enjoyment and celebration and food is part of that. So it’s easy to fall into the trap that indulging in festive food is part of the holidays.

But let me ask you. Does everyone who goes through the holiday season overeat? No, and you could actually end up gaining weight and starting January off like you did last year if you hold onto that belief.

But if that were true, then everyone who goes through the holiday season would overeat, right? And we all know that’s not the case. If you keep holding this belief, you could end up starting January off the same you do year after year, trying to gain control over food so you can lose weight. 

🔥 In this week’s episode of the Weight Loss For Nurses Podcast, I’ll show you how you can actually enjoy the holiday season without overindulging in all the sweets and treats. 

Don’t forget, you are worth it!


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