Ep #62 Two reasons why you are overeating during the holidays

Are you already stressing over how you will get through and enjoy the holidays- Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s when it comes to all the food that will be available, especially the food you know you enjoy eating?

You are also stressed thinking about how you can enjoy yourself without overeating and feeling so full and then regret how much you ate.

How many holiday seasons have gone by with you going through this same worry and stress?

If you are anything like me or my clients, it was way too many years.

And because we think the only way to control ourselves around food is by dieting, and there is no way we want to diet over the holidays, we often give up and resign to the fact there is nothing we can do.

We say, “oh well, I’ll get back on track and start again once the holidays are over.”

I want to help you make this year different.

🔥 In this week’s episode of the Weight Loss For Nurses Podcast, I will show how you can get control of your eating, and it is not by restricting food but by becoming aware of why you are overeating in the first place.Two reasons why you are overeating are that you are mindless eating and emotional eating.

Once you become aware that you are doing these, it becomes so much easier to gain control over the food.
You will learn the difference between the two then you can decrease how much you are eating, and that is how you feel in control around food without having to diet or use willpower.

It’s time you enjoy the holiday season without the added stress of fearing food.

Don’t forget; you are worth it!


Not sure where to start on your way to ending the overeating and emotional eating? You can click here and set up a free mini-session with me! Together we can figure out what you need to get started, and then we’ll see if I can help you further so you can be happy and enjoy your life.


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