Ep #61 Is food your friend or enemy?

What is food to you?

It’s my best friend

It’s my enemy

It’s a complicated relationship! 

We have relationships with people, AND we also have our relationship with food.

You may not even think about having a relationship with food or that your relationship is healthy, but is it?

Sometimes a bad relationship with food can appear as a “healthy” one. 

It’s you believing what diet culture is telling you that food should be restricted and deprived. 

Is that really healthy?

Restriction, deprivation, and all the other diet rules do not lead to a healthy relationship with food. 

Why? A healthy relationship with food is about how and why you choose food, not about the food itself. 

Our relationship with food affects every aspect of our life because having a positive relationship with food means food no longer consumes so much of our mental time and energy. When food is no longer the center of attention in our life, we can be present with others and truly enjoy our life. 

🔥 In this week’s episode of the Weight Loss For Nurses Podcast, I will go over some signs that your relationship with food isn’t healthy and then show you what a healthy relationship with food does look like. 

Don’t forget; you are worth it!


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