Ep #60 How to control your cravings for candy

I will show you how to get through Halloween without eating all the candy in sight on this week’s podcast episode.

You see, most people think candy, chips and chocolate bars are “bad” foods, so they restrict themselves from having them. And what happens when you tell yourself you can’t have something? First, you want it even more; you crave to have them.

Then the craving for them gets so intense that you try really hard. You white-knuckle your way past the candy bowl wishing you had more willpower, which you never have enough of, so you give in and eat not just one or two but enough to make you feel so guilty and ashamed.

You then beat yourself up with thoughts like, “there must be something wrong with me,” “I’m not disciplined enough,” or “I failed at yet another diet; I’ll never be able to stop myself from losing control around food.”

What you do next to combat how much you ate the next day, you restrict and deprive yourself yet again but even more, doing this keeps you in the yo-yo dieting cycle of death.

Listen in, and I’ll show you how you can break free from feeling so out of control around the Halloween goodies by sharing one of the five strategies I cover in my Food Freedom program. And in fact, you can use this TODAY, and when you do, it will drastically change how much you eat, or you might not choose to have any.

So, the most important strategy to start using right now is to stop the “shoulding.”


Because when we focus on the “shoulding” we are not paying attention to what it is we actually want to do, what is right for us, and what we need to help us at that moment.

🔥 So, in this week’s episode, I will talk about the “shoulds” and the “shouldn’ts” so that the candy bowl doesn’t have control over you.

Don’t forget; you are worth it!



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