Ep #59 Do you believe you’ll never figure it out?

Do you believe you are a failure because you can’t figure this overeating thing out?

Let me ask you… If you were a failure and couldn’t figure things out, how did you get through school to become a nurse and then do your job? 

So you are not a failure at everything, right?

You are capable of figuring this out, right?


So if you believe you are a failure and can’t figure things out, your brain will send you the message of what’s the point of trying? 


You’ll try it a bit, but you’re done the minute things get challenging, right?


What if you believing that you are a failure and that you can’t figure this out is the one thing that is sabotaging you?

That belief is holding you back. 

But the good news is that belief is not true. It is only a thought you have because you have said it to yourself over and over every time you attempted to figure things out with your overeating, and it didn’t work. 



Join me this week, where I’ll help you find the beliefs holding you back from reaching your goals and what to do with them so you can end the struggle with food to have more mental space and enjoy life. 

🔥 Just imagine what is possible!


Not sure where to start on your way to ending the overeating and emotional eating? You can click here and set up a free mini-session with me! Together we can figure out what you need to get started, and then we’ll see if I can help you further so you live the life you dream of.


Don’t forget; you are worth it!



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